Friday, August 3, 2012

To Tell a Secret

To Tell a Secret - A Taste of Amy's Whip

The new story is out tonight!  This one is a little different than the other stories I have written.  Here's a sample and, as always, you can click the title to go get the whole thing - it's less than a buck!

Brian clamped his eyes closed enjoying the relief and the hot wetness of her mouth.  This was more like it, he thought, feeling her tongue slash around his stiffness.
She pushed him in deeper, swallowing as she drew him in, feeling him pulse in her mouth.  She knew it was close, the explosion of milky essence but she was determined to keep it at bay and slid him back into the open.
“You want me to let you come, don’t you?”  She suddenly imagined him on all fours, a leather collar around his neck attached to a leash in her hand, his head buried between her thighs.  The character wanted to play.
“Yes,” he said, opening his eyes, “please.”
“Oh,” Amy grinned, “Are you begging now?”  She slid her grip up and down him, tugging him while she let the tip of her tongue circle the tip of his gland.
“Please,” Brian said, moving his hips forward, wanting her to suck him in again, let him come in her mouth.
This is torture; he thought staring down at her, taking in her little grin of power, the grip she had on his manhood, and the last water droplets sliding down her breasts.  But it’s the best kind of torture.
“I like it when you beg,” Amy said, basking in the control.  She moved her head back as he slowly moved toward her, fucking the grip of her fingers.  “What if I say no?”  She slid back down to the base of him and squeezed him tight again, watching every muscle in his body go rigid.
“Please…” his voice was beginning to plead.  The look on his face said he had been pushed further than he was used to, he was uncomfortable, but Amy couldn’t stop herself.
She kept slowly jerking him as her own climax approached.

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