Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blue Futanari Series Updates

Thank you all again for making the series such a great success!  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be able to write these stories, put them out there, and get such wonderful feedback from you guys.  It's super awesomesauce. 

So, because I am enjoying writing it so much and it is doing so well - I have put chapter 2 up for free on Smashwords.  That's right, Chapter 2 in the series is FREE.  That's right, free futanari fiction! (see what I did there?) Two of them - Supplicant (chapter 1) and Transformation (chapter 2).

Get it here. 

Amazon still has it priced at 2.99.  Please feel free to report it as free as they will not lower the price any other way.  They are weird like that.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Blue Futanari: Illusion

Chapter 5 in the ongoing series is LIVE!

Alright, this one has some parts that took me by surprise.  Without giving too much away, lets just say that chapter 5 has...tentacle sex.  It didn't start that way, but the story required a serious complication in Alexys' plan and...well, that's the way it went down. 

The idea of tentacle sex was something that I had come across when I was researching futanari.  I didn't pay much attention to it, it was just mentioned here and there, but apparently my brain didn't let it go, because when I started writing it, it just kind of rolled that way.  I mean, one minute there are no tentacles anywhere for any reason and the next...lets just say someone is bucking their hips against a writhing tentacle buried deep inside her.

Here's the quick description of chapter 5:

The fifth chapter in the ongoing Blue Futanari series...

The goddess Alexys is sure that what she saw in Mira's temple was the box that Txaollix had been captured in but Mira has left her standing in front of her Julia in the exact moment they had stepped free of and the goddess is nowhere to be found.  But Alexsys is finally ready to embrace her godhood, finally ready to accept the gift of her first adherent.  Now all she needs is a final goodbye to those that loved her mortal life, a temple like Mira's and Txao's, and some idea of what a goddess does with a celebrant.

Follow our erotic, futanari goddess as she discovers who to love, who to trust, and the power of loss and revenge.
.99 cents on Smashwords.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blue Futanari: Animus

Part 4 of the new series is live!  Woot!'s the blurb.

It’s that strange moment when your first adherent falls to her knees to worship you and another futa goddess (something you didn’t even know existed) magically appears on the other side of the room and stares at you like someone who knows a secret you don’t.

Alexys has no idea what to do or say, but when the new goddess says she can show her a thing or two, she throws caution to the wind and jumps at the chance.

But who is the strange, new goddess and how does she know so much about Alexys?  What does she know of Txaollix and her sisters?  And why does she want to help?

To everyone who has been following along:

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Your kind reviews and emails have been amazing.  I am so glad you are enjoying it and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.  I love the fact that my readers reach out to me.  Nothing makes me happier than getting a message on reddit or in my gmail or a tweet or on Literotica - and then when you guys are all super happy with my work?  Fireworks!

Alright, back to the blog post thingy.  Now, if you haven't been following along and somehow just stumbled across this, like I said, this is the 4th part of the series.  Alexys has just flexed a bit of her godhood muscle (figuratively) and now Julia is looking around trying to figure out what happened.   And some other goddess just showed up, magically appeared, without warning.  That's where this one starts.  Confused?  Yeah, go back and read from the beginning (don't worry it's some free futanari - that's girls with giant breasts, dripping wet cunts, and massive dicks, just so you know). 

Chapter 5 is probably a little ways off, but it's already in outline.  Alexys still has a great deal of stuff to deal with - Kim, Julia, and all that she is leaving behind, and I think the story is on it's way back there a bit.

Again, thank to everyone for your kind words! 


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blue Futanari: Neophyte

The third chapter in the ongoing series is available at Smashwords!  Yay!  (-insert the sound of applause here-)

If you have been following along...

Alexys is just beginning to understand the powers she was given but the past few days have been a rollercoaster ride that left the Futanari goddess with more questions than answers.  She has been blessed with amazing gifts but also been yanked free of the human world - the world populated by family, friends, and Kim, her lover.   

Suddenly realizing just how alone she really is…Alexys realizes that she never asked for any of it...
And, if you stuck around for the synopsis, here's a special, little tidbit.
My body tingled.  I was drawn to it.  Everything inside of me craved it.  For the first time, I could feel my eyes begin to glow blue the way Txao’s had.  I cannot explain the exhilaration.  It was liquid joy, a feeling of pride, pure happiness, and I didn’t want it to end. 
There was a rhythmic banging, wood against the wall.  “Yes, yes, oh, God, yes!”  A woman’s voice shouted. 
Oh, that feels good.  I’ve never felt a pussy so tight!”  I could hear her partner’s thoughts.
I smiled as I stepped through the door and my eyes fell on them.  She was hanging from him – her arms around his neck, her legs around his lower back and he was on all fours on top of the bed.  The headboard knocked against the wall every time he drove his turgid manhood into her.
Her eyes were closed.  “Oh, he’s so amazing.  Oh my God, he feels so good.  Why don’t I have sex all the time?  Is there a better feeling?  He has got to stay the night tonight.  I can’t get enough of his...  Shit, that feels good.  Right there, yes, faster.  Oh my God, I’m going to fucking cum…”
Surrounded by the pale wisps that floated off their sweating body, I remained invisible.