Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inside Peek at New Story

Have been working on the new story quite a bit and haven't had much time for Google+ and Twitter so I thought I give you all a little tidbit of what this one is about.  Hope you enjoy!
The rest of the evening was a long ride into territory that Amy would never completely return from.  She wore the corset and a black mask that she originally thought looked like the lone ranger, and when she had seen herself in the mirror, the curves of her chest, her long legs, and the mask; something inside of her changed.  She liked the way it felt, this character inside of her.  She looked over at Tim who was neatly folding his clothes and stacking them on the floor next to the wall, his naked body, a little pale but in good shape; his cock wasn’t hard, but she knew it would be long when she got it there.  She slipped on the black high heels she had worn to his house because they matched everything else and tried to put herself in the mindset of a master.  Even though she loved the way she felt in the costume, the skimpy leather and the odd mask, the word itself made her feel uncomfortable, like stumbling on a thing you didn’t understand but knew that it was powerful and deserved some inherent amount of respect.
Timothy, fully naked and standing beside his stack of neatly folded clothes, turned and looked her over.  “You look so dangerous,” he grinned.  “You are going to have to help me chain myself to the wall.  That’s where you keep me when you are away.  I am your slave, mistress,” he said.  “You can do whatever you want.”
She stood there staring at his naked body for more than a minute while she tried to figure out how she felt and what to do.  Something inside her was pushing her forward, something that excited her.
She picked up the riding crop and started to walk toward him.  She realized that her steps were in a perfect line, one foot clicking in front of the other.  The corset was snug on her skin, tight across her mound.  She looked down at her tits bouncing with every footfall.  She felt sexy and her cunt started to warm under the leather.  She examined Tim hanging against the wall, and dragged the end of the crop along his strong, wide back, tracing the little red lines left by mistresses that had obviously been there before.  He shivered under the feel of it, the tool moving along his back as if he wanted her to strike him, to leave another line.  Her heart was racing.  She was thrilled; she could feel it in her chest.
“Why did you get these?” She asked, shocked that her voice was quiet but strong, that she had found this new character’s voice.
“I disobeyed,” Tim said.
“What were you told not to do?”
“I was told not to watch,” he said quietly.
“And you did?”  Amy put the tip of the crop between his legs and tapped the inside of his thighs until he spread them apart.
“I did.”
“Why?” She asked as she wrapped her fingers around his cock.  “Why did you disobey?”
Tim looked into her eyes and a little grin lit across his face, his excitement at her acceptance was impossible to hide.  “Sometimes I am bad,” he said.

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  1. I liked this a lot and I can;t wait to see Timothy get punished for being a naughty boy. You set the scene well.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. :)