Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mighty Mac Pt. 1

So, today while we were on our way to Drummond Island, he was driving, and I was sitting beside him, playing with my camera and my phone.  He reached over and laid his hand on my leg.  I gave it a little squeeze and then took a picture of the bridge through the windshield.

I don't know how much you know about Mackinac, but there is a huge bridge, bigger than the Golden Gate according to my Google search while on said bridge, that goes into the Upper Peninsula.  The bridge has two lanes, one each way, that are made of metal, like a grating, and the tires hum when they drive over it.  His little sports car actually vibrated.  I leaned forward in my seat trying to get the entire bridge support into the shot and I could feel the vibrations move up my legs and into my thighs.  I looked over at him and grinned.  

He glanced away from the road and saw me.  "What?"  
"This bridge,"  I said, biting my lower lip, "it's like a giant vibrator."
Instantly, he slid his hand up my leg and under my skirt.  I closed my eyes as the seat of the sports car vibrated and his fingers rubbed my clit through my cotton panties.
"Go faster," I said, moving my hips against him as he swirled around my swollen flesh.
He has always followed instructions well, and in a flash, he pushed down on the gas and the vibrations coming through the car changed pitch while his fingers moved my panties aside and parted my lips so he could drive two fingers inside me. 

I opened my eyes as the second massive support of the bridge rolled over our heads.  "Oh, don't stop," I said, grinding my hips and fucking his fingers.

"You better hurry and let go, the toll booth is coming up," he said, starting to slow the car.
"Don't stop," I said. 
"I have to," he countered still spreading his fingers deep inside me while I fucked my hips against him. 
"You can stop the car, but don't stop..." 
"That'll be four dollars, sir."  A voice came from my left and I snapped my head toward the man who was looking over at my copain's hand buried in my cooze. 
"Oh," I said, tugging the skirt over his hand while he continued to move his fingers and hand the officer-looking guy some cash. 
"Thank you.  You two have a super day."
"Yeah, thanks."  He said, crushing the gas and spinning the tires as I started to feel the first waves of the orgasm wash over me.

I pushed down on the seat giving him room to push them deeper.

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