Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, I hope everyone here in America had a lovely holiday and those elsewhere had a lovely weekend!  On Friday, just before I left town for a bit, I published the latest chapter in the Blue Futanari series - 1691.  The title may give away a little bit about where the story is headed, but I don't think it's too overt.

At the end of Fray, chapter 6, Alexys took on Toniat face to face.  It was a short battle and Toniat, with a wave of her hand, sent Alexys somewhere - we really don't know where but we do get a sense that it is back in time, way back in time on the eastern coast of the America.  She gathers her wits and realizes that a war part of Indians is about to attack a village.  And that's where we left it.  I then proceeded to bundle chapters 1 - 6 into a single bundle and published it on Amazon.  Like I said in an earlier post, I thought it was a good place to cut the series up a bit and, if you buy your books on Amazon, a good place to cut you a major price break - get 1-6 for $4.99.

Alright, that catches us up.  Now then, I immediately began work on next chapter - 1691.  This one picks up right where the last one left off - Alexys is in the middle of the street, weak from her battle with Toniat, the village she is in front of is about to be attacked, and she has to do something.

I am super-excited about where the series is headed.  I think the next collection will really bring Alexys into her own, give the reader a thrilling romp through the late 1600's - complete with sexual rituals, witchcraft, and the usual compliment of twists and turns.

Here is a sample:

Hester watched the wagon disappear into the forest before she turned back to me. The anger was still there, the burning hatred for the men in the wagon, but there was also pain and worry. She walked to the edge of the little symbol I stood inside of and collapsed to her knees.
“Where did you learn this?” I looked down at the red flowers that lined the intricate pattern of vines.
“My mother,” Hester sighed. “She was a secret practitioner.”
“What is it?” I was fascinated by the idea of it, that a simple arrangement of vines and flowers along with a string of words, had such an effect on me. All my life I had denied the possibility of the supernatural - the idea of gods and magic. That there was a power that could summon a goddess was exciting.
“There are those that call it witchcraft.” Hester stared at the symbols and edicts that flowed across my robe. “My mother said it was the power of the earth, that we asked the goddess to bless us and she did.”
I was the goddess of the earth. I was the goddess of love and happiness. I was the goddess she called upon, the one summoned to her side.

Everything inside of me wanted to touch her, wanted to take her and suckle the energy she could provide. My soul felt hungry but I denied the urge. I was a goddess, a goddess unlike Toniat who kept a temple full of slaves to give her power.  I didn’t need a group of humans who had their brains scrambled.  I would be worshiped by choice or trade. My adherents would love me. I would not force or betray a human to gain what I needed. I would not.

As always, please remember that the books are available just about everywhere - Amazon, iTunes (although I have no idea why they haven't approved volumes 1 & 2 yet), All Romance and Smashwords (which is every other format under the sun.)  Like I mentioned, some of the pricing is a little wonky across the platforms.

Let me know what you think of the new cover and direction!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Blue Futanari - Fray & Bundle I

Alright, part 6 in the continuing saga of Alexys Sans went live this week and I thought it was the perfect spot to call it a book or a bundle or, you know, something like that.  (More on this later.)  Part 6 is a roller coaster ride of adventure.  Alexys meets a human who can answer some questions, a spiritualist, but Mira shows up and there's a sudden changes of plans - eek.

Part 6 also brings another new character into Alexys' life - Muma who is the god of lost children.  Throughout history he has been portrayed in mythology and legend as an ugly old crone, but he's actually a pretty studly guy - blonde, shaggy hair, a winning smile, and abdominal muscles that look like ropes laid parallel to each other - super dreamy yummy.

Right, so I get it, you're wondering why he's a guy - well, you can't have a hot guy as the god of lost children, it raises too many questions, gets a little weird, and so...a crone.  No one looks at a crone twice, right?

So, back to part 6 - we get to meet Muma, a fellow god, who is both willing and able to shed some light on Alexys' situation.  He explains who she is, where she came from, and why Mira is so much more powerful than her.  It's an interesting story - where the gods came from and all that.

I will leave the rest for your reading leisure - no spoilers here.

Also, like I said before, I thought it was the perfect time to wrap the first six chapters into a single book/bundle.  So, Blue Futanari Bundle I is available on Amazon for 4.99.  It's all six parts - Supplicant through Fray in one collection!  That's some novel length futanari erotica right there.  :)

Hope you enjoy it.