Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Neighbor Pt. 1

Mathew stuck his head around the shower curtain and looked me over while I stood under the spray.
"Have a good day, babe," he said.
I walked toward him, running my hands down the length of me as I did, doing my best to be provocative.
He grinned.
I kissed him and slipped my tongue into his mouth.
"No, not today," he whined, pulling away.
I whipped the shower curtain back and looked him over from head to toe.  He looked good all dressed up in his lawyer uniform, like a Ken doll before he plays with Barbie.
"Well, I tried," I sighed, putting on my best sad face.
It had worked before.  I had gotten him to strip his suit off, hang his jacket on the towel rack and climb in with me, but he was having none of it this morning.

He gave me a peck on the cheek and then left.  I heard the door close a few minutes later as I ran my soapy poof across my chest.  My nipples were hard.  I couldn't help it, I had woken up horny but it wasn't until Mathew had been standing in the middle of the bedroom.  He had one sock on and was looking for the other in his drawer when I opened my eyes.  I grabbed his butt and pinched it, but he had already gotten out of the shower and I had missed my window of opportunity to get laid.

I was rinsing off, dousing my hair in the spray when I thought I heard the front door open and close.  I stepped out of the stream and listened, hoping to hear Mathew's footsteps, his expensive shoes, clacking down the hall.  But I didn't hear anything.  I shrugged my shoulders and continued to rinse my hair, running my hands through the long blonde curls, trying to get all of the conditioner out.

The shower curtain moved, I felt it brush against my arm.  I opened my eyes and there were long fingers with red painted nails, wrapping around the curtain's edge in front of me.  Then a long, tan leg was stepping in.  I wiped my eyes and felt my heart start to beat a little faster, not from surprise, but from the knowledge that I was about to quench my lust, slake my thirst for an orgasm.

Amelie stepped into the shower with a grin that made every part of me catch fire.

I stepped toward her and pulled her into me, crushing our breasts together.
"Good morning," I said.
"I thought he would never leave!" She said, moving her lips toward mine.

Amelie was my friend who lived across the hall.  We had spent more than a few nights in each other's beds, but since Mathew and her boy Jonathan, we hadn't seen each other much.  We had been fucking every once in a while for over a year.  I had first bumped into her just after I had moved in, she was carrying in groceries and I was taking out the recycling.

She invited me in for a glass of wine.  We finished one bottle and then started another.  We talked about our jobs, our plans for the future, our favorite movies, our old boyfriends.  We just sort of hit it off, we had so much in common.

I had started to really examine her after the second glass of wine.  She had gotten up to get another bottle and I stared at her ass, sashaying away from me.  It was round, and her ass cheeks were perfectly outlined in the jeans she was wearing.  She looked good, really good.

"You have a lovely ass," I said, wondering how I had suddenly heard my own thought.

She turned and looked at me with a little grin across her full lips.

"Thanks," she said, "I think your breasts are amazing."
Once she made it back to the couch, our desire took over.  In three minutes, we were both naked and she was sucking on my nipples.  We had been fuck buddies ever since; satisfying each other whenever one of us needed a good orgasm.

I bit her earlobe and stepped back, letting the spray fall over us.  

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