Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blue Futanari Saga

Oh. My. God. I cannot believe that we are already on chapter 9 of the series. I know the last few have been slow to get from my head to Smashwords or Amazon, but things in real life managed to mess up all my pretty little plans. It happens, right?

So, without further ado, allow me to present the ninth chapter in the series: Aria.

In Seduction, we left Alexys with a vague idea of what Hester was after and who was in the way of her dreams - namely a man by the name of Tucker. Now, we all know Tucker is a problem. He's powerful, arrogant, and seems to lead the town the way a king or a Pharaoh might - by fear.

But Hester has a plan and, somehow, Alexys is a major part of it. Of course, there's the promise of a trade. Alexys helps Hester and Hester, in turn, will help Alexys gain power, a great deal of power, power that Alexys hopes will get her home.

An excerpt:

“I don’t think it’s fair that you make me choose.” Aria pushed her bottom lip out and pouted.
The look on her face was priceless, the spoiled rich girl, her hair in finger curls that cascaded over her shoulders like gold spun silk, her dress, a work of art. But it was her lips that drew me in, the crooked, mischievous little smile, the upturned corners. She had control of the men in front of her. And she liked it.
God, she’s a spoiled little minx.I phased into her thoughts and blended into the dream. I closed my eyes and became the soldier. I would have Aria. What better way to begin Tucker’s punishment than to take his wife, in her own fantasy, and then wake her.
The two gentlemen in suits smiled.
“I don’t believe you do,” I, standing in for her fantasy of a soldier, smiled and took off my jacket.
Her eyes flared as they worked over the soldier’s physique. She liked the soldier, it wasn’t the first time that she had imagined them together. He, now I, was one of her favorites.
 I moved outside her body, back to the little upstairs bedroom. I was hungry. The powers inside of me seemed to come to life, stirring inside of me like a raging waters during a storm. I gave in to the desire and peeled back the blankets of Aria’s bed. I wanted to see her in reality, wanted to drink her in while she dreamed.
Her night shirt was already up along the top of her thighs as if she had pulled it up and out of the way before I had arrived. The cool air of the room wafted across the soft skin of her legs and little goose bumps rose along her skin and heartbeat rose.
Reaching out, I ran my fingertips along the inside of her calves, the rise and fall of the muscles. Starting at the bottom and slowly moving higher, I watched her body react to my touch. She sighed and slowly spread her legs. The nightshirt, tight against the curves of her hips, rose.
Her flesh was warm to the touch.
 In her dream, my jacket fell to the floor.
“It’s always you,” she whispered.
I swept my arm around her lower back and pulled her close. The other two in the room vanished, instantly forgotten as the desire surged through her bloodstream. The light in the dream shifted and became weaker, as if she had blown out most of the candles to change the mood.

The entire series is available at Amazon and Smashwords and remember that entire beginning of the series - books 1 through 6 are available in a bundle at both places.