Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#fuckmeright - Lesson #3

Going Down

I know you like it when I suck your cock, when I slip your throbbing hardness between my lips, slide you deep into my mouth, and run my tongue along the most sensitive part of your body.  I know you like it, because I keep doing it until you let go, until your hot essence splashes inside and I have to swallow.  Now it’s your turn.  I want you to go down on me.  I want your tongue the same way you want mine.  I am going to guide you this time though, show you just how I like it.

I want you to trail your kisses down my body.  Start at my neck and slowly descend.  Kiss each breast, move your lips around the curves, around the underside.   Yes, you can lick and suck my stiff nipples, I know you like to, but don’t stop there, keep moving. 

Trail your lips down across my belly.  God, they feel so good, your breath so hot on my skin.  Keep going, lower, move around my waist, across each thigh.  See that look on my face, hear that sound I keep making, that little purrs and gentle moans?  Yes, those are your directions, keep going.  Here, let me spread my legs a little so you can lick the inner part of my thighs.  Oh, yes!  Just your tongue and breath down there sends shivers through me.

Yes, take your time and move toward me, I am ready now, wet for you, eager.
Use your fingers and open me, spread my lips.  Mmmm, there.  Do you like that?  Do you like my pussy all open and wet for you?  I can feel the air rush across me.

Stroke me with your tongue, lick me from bottom to top, spread your tongue wide and press it against me.  Oh, it’s so rough on my smooth skin, don’t stop, keep going.

I can’t help it, moving my hips with your tongue, I want more.  I want to fuck your mouth the same way you like to fuck mine.  

Do it now.  Stop at my clit, my swollen nub.  Stop and lick around it.  Feel it?
Oh, right there.  Oh, don’t stop.

Press against it with your tongue.

Fuck that feels good. 

Suck it between your lips the way I take the tip of your dick into mine.

Now use your fingers.  That’s right, bring your hand up, I need something inside of me while you suck on my swollen, little clit.  Yes.

Slide it around in my juices.  Mmm…just like that.  Dip it into me.  Slide it into me slowly, let my cunt stretch around it.  Yes, like that, move with my hips, follow my rhythm and finger fuck my dripping gash.  Go ahead, slide another one in, make it two more. I’m getting close, lick me again, drag your tongue along me and then come back to my clit.
Faster.  Suck me, lick me harder. 
Oh, yes, let me fuck your fingers, grind you deep inside.  Yes…I’m coming now.  Suck me, press your tongue against it, mash it down, oh fuck yea, oh

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