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Getting ready to move!

Sorry, I know I was on a roll with the writing exercises, and I plan on continuing the series, but I think it's time to move.

Blogger has been great, but I have a friend who thinks I should move over to my own website. I don't really understand everything that goes with that or how it all works, but I trust him so...I'm moving! I will share more details as I get them, but I think the site is coming along nicely.

Don't worry, it won't take long and, while he is working on all that stuff, I am going to take a little vacation, get some air, and work on a few projects that have been sitting around collecting dust. Stay tuned, this is going to be really fun.

Be back soon!



Monday, March 16, 2015

Writing Exercise - Late Shift

He hadn't been on the floor for an hour before the talk started. Every nurse found a reason to swing by his room, you know, take a peek for themselves and see what all the fuss was about.

"Did you see him?" Rhonda sat behind the front of the main desk entering chart information.

I had already been on shift for six hours and had heard no less than ten girls (and a couple of the guys) talk about the man in 305C, but I had not made it to the far end of the hall...yet. "No," I sighed, "but you would think he looks like Adonis the way everyone's talking."

"Girl, you don't even know," Rhonda sat back in her chair and laughed. "You know I loved Mr. Peters, been married eighteen years, thank the Lord, but that man down there? I almost think God would understand." She laughed and I smiled as I made notes on a chart.

"That's what I hear," I grinned but there was a reason I hadn't made it down to 305C. All day long, all I could think about, were the pics I had found on Chris' phone. He had left it at my house that morning, took off for work without it, and when I was standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and starting to think about the day ahead, I heard it beep.

I didn't check it. I mean, I didn't mean to. I walked into the bedroom, saw the phone on the floor beside the bed, and picked it up. But my finger swiped across the screen and, in doing so, I saw the notification - Lisa FB, My place after work? 

Then I touched it. I had to touch it. I didn't recognize the name, had never heard Chris mention a Lisa...and what was FB? It was a lengthy text chain, a long list of back and forth entries, and it didn't take two minutes to see that Lisa and Chris were...involved. Is that what you call someone who you have sex with a few times a week, almost every time you don't sleep over at your regular girlfriend's house?

Now, I like to think of myself as mature, like to think that I am not the kind of woman to just fly off the handle at the slightest thing, but there were pictures in the text stream, pictures from two days before, pictures that were more than a little graphic - Lisa coming out of the shower, Lisa on the bed with a vibrator planted at the top of her pussy while a dildo was engulfed therein. There was no doubt as to what Chris and Lisa were about.

At first, I had wanted to throw the phone and everything else that belonged to Chris out the door. I mean, what was I supposed to do? Chris and I had been dating for four months, we had promised to be monogamous after three, but it was pretty clear that Chris and I had two different definitions for the word.

"You alright, Stacey?" Rhonda broke through my reverie and I realized I had been standing beside her staring down at the chart in my hand the entire time I had been replaying the events of the morning in my head.

"Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking about..." I slipped the chart into the stack of charts I still had to enter and wandered down the hall.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, I had another hour of patients and then two or three for chart work. The hospital was relatively quiet for a Tuesday and, as I walked the halls, I kept trying to figure out exactly how I was supposed to feel and what I was supposed to do. The entire thing had, kind of, blindsided me. I mean, I felt like Chris and I were good together. We didn't get as much time as either of us would have liked, but I'm a nurse and he's pharma rep - we're both pretty busy people.

I wondered what Lisa did. Was she a young doctor, some woman Chris had met when trying to work an account? Was she an old fling? She was certainly not ashamed of her body or sending dirty pics, I thought back to her spread eagle on her bed, working herself obviously to thoughts of Chris. How long has it been going on? How did I not see it?

A young man with dark hair and a broken arm, smiled up at me. "They finally sent me a pretty one?" He raised his eyebrows and I looked up from the chart in my hand. I'd been on auto-pilot, I had wandered from the nurse's station down the hall, and back into my rotation without realizing it.

"Jacob," I smiled at the high school football player sitting up in bed, "how is the arm feeling?"

"Better now," he smiled.

Jacob had broken his arm in three places on Friday night, had been through two emergency surgeries over the weekend, and was still flying on pain pills - pills that had obviously removed any sort of filter the young man had, that and all of his inhibitions. His dick, which I was sure was hard enough to scratch grass was proudly standing at full attention under his sheets and he didn't even realize it, he just sort of sat there, smiling up at me, lost in the haze of opiates.

"Well, the doctor will be in late this evening to check you over, is there anything..." I couldn't help but glance at the tent between his legs again, "would you like some water or..."

"No," he looked me over again, slowing scanning my body from head to toe, "I think I am good feeling." He touched the arm of his bed and changed the channel on the television over my head.

"Let me know if you need anything." I set the chart back in the little tray at the end of his bed and left the room. Another nurse, Melody, was standing outside the door looking at a chart. "Hey," I smiled.

"How about that boner?" Melody chuckled, "if I was a younger woman. Whoa," she waved her hand in front of her face like she was too hot, "and have you seen..."

"305C? No, but it's on my list," I chuckled as I walked away.

I was on my last chart, sitting where Rhonda had earlier in the day, when Melody answered the phone and told me Chris was on the line.

My insides went cold. I had been thinking about him and us and Lisa all day, but I still had no idea what I was wanted to say. I was angry, like there was a volcano somewhere deep inside of me ready to explode, but I was at work and I wasn't about to make a scene in the middle of the nurse's station.

"Hey, sorry about the call, I left my cell phone at your house.," his voice betrayed nothing, like he either hadn't realized that I might find it or didn't expect me to go through it or...I couldn't even think of another option while my brain kept screaming obscenities.

"Oh, yeah, um, no problem," I gripped the edge of the desk as hard as I could trying to keep myself from exploding. "I have a few more hours here, lots of paperwork. Why don't you grab your phone and we can get together tomorrow night or Thursday." I have no idea why I said what I said, but it was all that came out.

"Oh, um, ok," he sounded unsure or distracted and I wondered if I had pushed him off too far. "Yeah, cool, I will run by your place and grab my phone and then," he paused and I stared at the white splotches across my knuckles, the color change that occurred because of my grip on the counter top. "Yeah, I will grab my phone and call you tomorrow?"

"Sure," I said feeling rotten about everything all of a sudden, "Call me tomorrow." I hung up the phone.

"Everything alright?" Melody was looking over a chart, but we both knew she had been eavesdropping.

"Yeah," I let go of the counter and stretched my hand open and closed. "Yeah, everything's fine."

Melody walked away and got back to my charts.


I didn't sleep well that night. When I got home, Chris had already retrieved his phone but that was it. So, I had no way to know what he knew or figured out if anything. But the anger inside of me, once I had left work and returned home, had gone from a dangerous volcano to an erupting volcano.

As soon as I walked in and realized that Chris had come and gone and only the phone was missing, I fell apart. I don't know what I was expecting, what I hoped to find when I got home, but the fact that there was nothing pushed me over the edge.

I grabbed a box out of the recycling bin, walked into the bathroom, and started clearing out his stuff. Razor, shampoo, soap, and poof all went into the box. Then I was off to the bedroom where I started to gather his clothes and anything else I could find. Honestly, I wanted to set it all on fire, through each piece into the little chimnea that sat out on the balcony, but instead, I put everything in the middle of the dining room table and poured a glass of wine.

There wasn't much really. When it was all together in the box, everything of his I could find, I suddenly realized where he and I really were in our relationship and there was a stark difference between where I thought we had been.

I am just another Lisa to him. I refilled the wine glass in front of me. She probably doesn't even know about me and that's where he stays when he's not here. The anger was like acid, an alcohol-infused acid that burned through everything. I'm going to get him back.

When I woke up, there was an empty bottle of wine on the bedside table and a pile of clothes at the end of the bed that I didn't immediately remember putting there.

I got a shower and started through the pile wondering exactly what had happened, but then I saw the black bra that I had only worn once, a week after Chris and I had started dating. It was a front-clip demi that barely covered my nipples.

Chris hadn't been ready for me that night. We had gone to dinner and a movie and then drinks. By the time we got back to my place, we were both half-drunk and all kinds of horny. I had bought the bra, a garter and black thigh high stockings for the occasion and he was more than appreciative.

I picked up the bra, slipped my arms through the straps, and clipped it closed. I scooped my girls into position and stared down at my cleavage. The bra still fit and my breasts sat in the demi like two perfect mounds of flesh. I went to the drawer and found the garter belt, a little lace number that was about as wide as two fingers. The stockings were hanging in the closet and I put them on too, pulling each one up and clipping the little straps onto the belt.

Turning in the mirror, I gave myself a good once over. The results were better than I expected. The outfit still fit and I felt like I looked pretty good, the belt accentuated a little curve above my hips, but I was fairly sure no man could resist me and that alone seemed to cheer me up.

So, I put my white nurse's blouse over the black bra and I slipped my scrubs on over the thigh-high stockings and garter belt. I needed to feel sexy even if it was only for me.


Halfway through the day at work, I was heading toward a supply closet on the far end of the hall, when I saw three nurses standing outside of 305C, out of view of the door and whispering like school kids.

All three looked up at once and seemed to blush simultaneously. "Ladies?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh," Melody started for the middle station, halfway down the hall and the others fell in line behind her, all giggles and blush.

I saw the open doorway and the numbers beside it and shook my head. Man, whoever that guy is... I was almost by the door when a deep voice rang out. "Um, nurse?"

I froze. Was that 305C? 

"Can you help me out here?"

I turned through the open door and found a young man in his twenties with sandy blonde hair trying to get out of his bed but his robe's tie had apparently gotten caught on the arm of the opposite side of the bed and he was kind of caught like a dog at the end of his leash.

He blushed the moment our eyes met. "I'm sorry," he said, "I can't seem to get the tie..."

I moved across the room and reached my fingers down between the frame and the arm where the tie was caught, but when I got there, I couldn't help but notice the back of the man's robe was pulled open and he was naked underneath.

He might not have been Adonis but his body was a sculpted work of art. He had broad shoulders and large lateral muscles that turned his entire upper body into a triangle of toned, tanned muscle that led down to a narrow waist and a perfectly round little ass two shades lighter than his tan. I almost giggled out loud as the color difference.

"Thank you so much," he reached back and tried to close the robe as soon as the tension on the strap was gone.

"No problem," I started back around the bed.
"I'm Zane," he blushed and offered his hand, "thanks for the rescue."

I shook his hand and let my eyes wander across him. The girls had been right, he was adorable, yummy, and every other adjective they had used to describe him.
In addition to the physique that looked like it had been chiseled out of stone, Zane had misty blue eyes, a strong chin, and baby smooth skin - basically, he looked like he could have been a Calvin Klein model one of those young men with an almost timeless beauty.

"No problem," I let go of his hand when I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. "I'm Stacey," I pointed to the little name tag on my blouse.

"I haven't seen you before," Zane stood and stretched his arms over his head which ruffled his hospital gown a bit and played the fabric across the shape of his body.

"I, um," I averted my eyes from the shape of his thighs and the bulge in the thin fabric, "I am not assigned to these rooms, I was just, um, heading to get..."

"That sucks," He looked me over a little tingle of excitement moved through me. "You're the prettiest one so far," he winked and started toward the bathroom. "Excuse me for a second."

"Yeah, I, uh, I have to get back to..."

Zane looked over his shoulder and grinned. "What time do you get off?"

My cheeks were on fire and my palms felt sweaty. "Around eight," I blurted out the words as the left cheek of his ass came into view.

"Want to have dinner?"

A thousand thoughts raced through my head all at once - was I allowed to have dinner with a patient? What were all the other nurses going to think? Oh my god, I had no idea he was so hot. Look at that little ass! I just want to smack it. I wonder if he's good in bed? I bet he has a huge...

"Stacey," the sound of my name brought me back to 305C where I saw Zane still standing in front of the bathroom door, a mischievous grin on his face, "are you staring at my ass?"

I almost choked and realized that I was, that I had been, that the left cheek of his ass, now wiggling a little as Zane moved it back and forth and laughed, was exactly what I had been staring at. "Um," I couldn't find another option, "yes?"

"Good," he pulled the little string and untied the robe, "I'll stare at your ass after dinner." He closed the door and I took a deep breath.

What just happened?


At seven thirty, a man in a green shirt showed up at the nurse's station with a bouquet of flowers, red, yellow, and purple tulips in a beautifully-curved vase. "Stacey?" The man looked at the sheet in his hand. "Nurse Stacey, third floor?"

I looked at the flowers and then at the deliver man. "Yes, that's me."

I signed the sheet and then pulled the card from the vase. Can't wait to stare at your ass tonight. -Zane. 

All at once, I couldn't sort my feelings. On the one hand, I was as giddy and excited as a high school girl that just got asked to the prom by the cutest boy in school. But on the other hand, I was angry and boiling with rage.

Chris had never once bought be flowers. Of course, Chris was too busy fucking two women to buy anyone flowers. I thought of the pictures of Lisa on the bed and coming out of the shower, the shameless exhibition, the comfort she displayed, and I wondered.


"So, you've been a nurse of a couple of years, you said?" Zane pushed away the little tray of cafeteria food and smiled at me.

"Yeah, two and a half years." I was sitting on the edge of the bed finishing the blue jello in the upper left hand compartment of my tray. "It's what I always wanted to be."

"Nice," Zane looked me over and I met his eyes at the end. Neither of us looked away, it was obvious what we were both thinking, but I wasn't sure what to do next. "I always wanted to be doctor when I was little." Zane smiled and put his tray on the table. "That's not actually true," he chuckled, "I always wanted to play doctor with the neighbor girl."

I picked up the little tray and put in the table beside his. Lisa's pictures popped into my head again, the fearlessness she seemed to display. "No one ever played doctor with me," I set my hand on Zane's thigh and gave him a little squeeze.

He stared down at my hand. "I find that hard to believe."

"No, really," I stood up and walked to the door. Zane was going home tomorrow and I had already marked his chart for the remainder of the evening - we weren't going to be interrupted. I turned back toward the bed and met Zane's gaze.

I took a deep breath. You can do this. You're strong. Take what you want. Show Chris who you are, how sexy you are. Show him what he's losing. The voice in my head pushed me.

Zane's eyes wandered across the curves of my form.

"You want to play with me?" I started back across the room. "You want to play doctor with me?"

Zane swallowed hard and nodded.

What now? What are you going to do? I walked across the room and sat back down on the edge of the bed. "Do you need me to take my clothes off doctor?" I reached back and pulled my hair out of it's ponytail.

Zane's eyes flared a bit. "Yes, actually, I, uh, yes, I will need to do an examination."

I reached up and unbuttoned a few buttons on my blouse and then pulled the fabric off my shoulders, revealing my breasts and the black bra.

"Oh, my..." Zane sort of sighed.

"Do you like them?" I stared down at the two pillows of pale flesh and then reached between Zanes legs and grabbed the hunk of flesh covered by sheets and his robe. "Do they turn you on?"

Zane took a deep breath and I felt the cock in my hand contract and swell. "Yes," he cooed softly.

Oh my God, it's so big. It's huge. I squeezed the hardening penis again.

"Bottoms too?" I looked at him coyly.

"Yes, please."

I put my phone on the little table, slipped my fingers into the waistband of the scrubs and pushed them down. Zane's eyes grew wide in astonishment before he whipped the bed sheets to the side and pulled his robe back away from his turgid member.

Now it was my turn for amazement. Zane's cock was two or three full inches longer than Chris' and a good bit thicker and suddenly, I wasn't trying to be strong anymore. Suddenly all I wanted was this.

"Come here," Zane pulled me down onto the bed and our lips met. His greedy hands moved across my body, starting at my back and shoulders and eventually moving to my tits.

I positioned my legs so my pussy laid flat against the shaft of his penis and then rocked my hips while we passionately kissed. His girth parted my lips and soon the hot flesh was rubbing against my clit, manually stroking him length.

My head was a blur. I felt like I had been drinking.

He yanked my breast free of the bra and bit into the underside.

The pain mixed with the pleasure and I put my hand on the back of his head. "Yes," I moaned, "you like that?" Zane nodded and I reached between our legs and slipped the tip of his cock into my darkness.

"Ohhhh," Zane pulled his head back and closed his eyes in rapture, "oh god, that feels so..."

The tip of his cock stretched my entrance and every muscle in my body tightened. His cock was so big. I bit my lower lip and pressed him further and as he stretched me open, impaling me on his length, I squirmed and tried to focus on the pleasure that washed across me. "Fuck me," I moaned deliriously. "Fuck me," I grabbed my own breast and squeezed while I milked the length of his cock with my pussy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Writing Exercise - Double The Futa Fun

It was six o’clock when I got the text: Hey, come one over. I smiled and wrote back: On my way. It was later than I wanted, especially for a Friday night, but Casey said she needed help with some of her research and Brad was out of town for football so it wasn’t like I had a whole lot to do anyway. If it wasn’t for Casey, I would have probably just staying home, maybe watched a movie or played on the computer all night.
While I was slipping on my shoes, another text came through. Wear something sexy, we’re going out after.
I stared down at the screen. Casey and I had only been friends for a few weeks, we had one class together, but the professor put us together on a number of projects and we got along well. To be honest, I liked her more because she had a place off campus, a house about three blocks away. It wasn’t hers, I mean, it was her family’s but her mom was super nice and her little sister was cute.
K, I texted the letter and then tossed my phone on the bed and looked down at the beat-up jeans and sweatshirt I was currently sporting. Nope, not going to do. I walked to my closet and grabbed a few things, tossing everything on the bed while I tried to figure out exactly what kind of out Casey was talking about.
After tossing half my closet on the bed, I decided I needed clarification on what Casey was thinking. What should I wear?
My phone beeped. Something…sexy.
Something sexy? Like I said, I had known Casey for a couple of weeks, and she didn’t seem like the kind of girl that liked to get dressed up and go clubbing. She was pretty, don’t misunderstand, but she wasn’t that girl. When given the choice to where a pretty dress or a pair of jeans, Casey was going jeans every time.
Maybe that’s it though, maybe she doesn’t know how to dress up, and maybe she wants to…it didn’t make much sense but it was the best I could come up with. I decided on something not too dressy, but still kind of sexy, a simple skirt with a white blouse and no bra. Sometimes sexy is what you don’t do.
 I made it over to the house by almost seven. When I got there, Casey answered the door in jeans and a white sweater, the same thing she had worn to classes, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail by a dark-colored little scarf. “Hey, girl!” She grinned from ear to ear like she knew something I didn’t.
“Is that Kate?” I heard her mom’s voice from the kitchen and saw her peek around the kitchen door, happy as happy could be. “Hey, sweetheart. Did you eat yet?”
It was one of my favorite things about Casey’s, it might not have been her own place, but she had food, good food, cooked by someone with love. But I had already eaten at the cafeteria. “No, miss Hark, I already ate.”
“Linda, sweetie, call me Linda. You’re as good as family now.” She smiled and disappeared back into the kitchen.
“Come on,” Casey led us back to her room and the experiment, at least all of her notes on the experiment were scattered across her bed like a blanket of handwritten information.
“Oh, Casey, wow.” I didn’t know what else to say, the piles were loosely organized, the papers were all handwritten, complete with graphs, and there had to be a hundred pages.
“I know, mom is helping me put it all into the computer.”
I turned and looked at her a bit confused. Something wasn’t right, I mean, why was I dressed up like we were going somewhere if there were a hundred pages of research to organize and transcribe? “Okay?” I looked down at my outfit and then at hers.
“Oh, don’t worry, this won’t take long.” She scooped up a stack of papers and started sorting through them.” Most of it is has already been disseminated.
I walked over to the bed and looked down at few of the pages spread across the pillow. One page caught my attention - stage one trials, two subjects, both female. I looked at another pile and saw a number of graphs with numbers and letters but none of it made any sense.
“Brad’s in Virginia?” Casey asked.
“Yeah, game tonight and Sunday,” I picked up a piece of paper that said: All test measurements above average. “What is all this? What class is it for?”
Casey hesitated. “Well, it’s not for a class,” she made air quotes, “per se.”
“You guys want something to drink?” Linda’s voice echoed from the kitchen.
“They’re girls, mom. We’re all girls!” It was Steph, Casey’s little sister who called out from her room down the hall.
“You want something?” Casey asked.
“Yeah,” I stared down at the paper in my hand and tried to imagine what all of the research was for. She had never mentioned any extracurricular work, any classes that would require measurements.

Her mom arrived a few minutes later with three tall glasses on a plastic tray and I noticed that she was a little more dressed up than usual. Every other time I had ever seen Linda; she had always been in either mom at home, kind of clothes – comfy stuff, like sweatshirts, flannel pajama pants and the like. Or she would still be in work clothes – casual, office work type clothes.
But tonight, she was in a sparkly, purple blouse with a plunging neck line that showed the ample curves of her breasts. “Girls,” she set the tray down on Casey’s computer desk, “I made us some iced tea,” she winked at me and I realized that the three tall glasses were filled with Long Island style tea.
“I like your new haircut,” I looked at Linda’s new do, a short cut that left her deep red hair in angles around her face.
“Thank you! It was Casey’s idea,” Linda picked up one of the glasses and took a long sip. “Friday!” She held her arm up over her head and spun around.
We all laughed and I took a drink of my own tea. It was strong, and almost sour, but delicious. This is going to be fun. I set the drink down on the tray and looked at Casey. “So, are you going to tell me what all of this is?” I pointed to the bed.
Casey and her mom shared a split-second glance before Casey picked up a stack of papers near the end of the bed. “Well, we have been kind of,” she sorted through the stack like she was looking for something in particular, “working with a scientist.”
I shot a glance at Linda and she kind of shrugged. “A scientist?”
“You know how expensive school is, right?” Casey set the papers down, sat on the edge of the bed, and adjusted her jeans.
I thought about the three of them living in that big house alone, one daughter in college, one still in high school, and just Linda to support everyone. It couldn’t have been easy. Like my own father kept reminding me, life isn’t cheap. “Yeah,” I sighed, “nothing’s cheap.”
“Exactly,” Linda sat down and took another gulp of tea.
“So, we found a way to make some extra money.” Casey handed me a sheet of graph paper with what looked like a complicated chemical equation.
I stared down at the map of chemical bonds but I had no idea what I was looking at. To me, it just looked like carbon, hydrogen, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t recognize. “What is this?”
The two exchanged looks again. “It’s an experimental thing.” Casey said with some difficulty, like she wasn’t sure how to explain.
“We need to get the rest of the data in the computer, and then we can go and talk about all this stuff.” Linda handed me my glass. “Here, sweetheart, have a drink while I finish typing this stack.”
I could already feel the effects of the alcohol. I was all warm and fuzzy, even a little horny really, but I didn’t care. Casey needed my help and it was fun hanging out with her and her mom.

Two hours later, with two more drinks under my belt, we were through most of the bed. We made a solid team, I sorted through everything, and made neat piles of data based on the headings of each page, Casey organized that data according to what the scientist wanted, and Linda typed it all into the software. We were clicking right along, laughing about stories from Casey’s childhood, talking about vacations we had had, places we had visited, when I came across one page of notes that caught my attention.
In the center of the page, in between some strange numbers and weird codes, was the word penis. I ran my eyes across the page again, curious.
The page was a data sheet, a bunch of questions and blanks for answers. There were questions about when the chemical had been administered, side effects, and time until first changes were noticed. The words were blurred slightly as I tried to read.
“What’s that one?” Casey slipped the paper from my hands and started to look it over.
“Penis,” I said the word and almost laughed at the sound of my own voice. “It has questions about penises or penis size or something,” I tilted the last of my tea back. God, that was good. Linda makes a helluva drink. Mmm…I feel good.
“Yeah, it’s a questionnaire,” Casey handed the paper to her mother and their eyes met, but just for a second.
I reached over to the tray and took a sip off Casey’s drink. “Whose penis are they asking about?” I blurted the question and Casey dashed across the room to close the bedroom door.
She looked at me and then gave her mom a look like she wanted her approval or opinion, I couldn’t tell which.
“What’s going on?” I looked back and forth between the two of them.
“It’s us,” Casey looked down at her shoes.
“What?” I looked at the papers on the bed. “What’s us? What are you talking about?” I picked up a fresh stack of papers.
“The penises,” Casey said softly, “they’re…ours.”
Penises, what a funny word. Two penises. Ours? Wait, what? I looked over at Linda.
She had turned her chair toward the bed and was facing me with a think grin on her face. I looked her over, stared down at the cleavage that bubbled out of her purple top. Then down across the flatness of her belly to her jeans. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. “Wait, you’re saying you…”
“Yes,” Casey said.
And Linda slowly spread her knees in front of me. I looked back and forth between her eyes and the place where her legs came together. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen but something in me couldn’t look away. It seemed impossible, like I had been told that cold was really hot and hot was really cold and I had just had it backwards my whole life.
It was lying against her inner thigh. I could see the bulge in the dark blue denim. Oh my. God, is that a penis, a real penis? I thought of Brad’s cock, the way it looked when he got excited and we were driving somewhere, the way it could get stuck facing the wrong way and create a bulge in whatever pants he was wearing.
A little tingle of excitement went through me and I turned toward Casey. “How the, what the?” I looked down at her jeans and noticed a slight bump, a bulge. “Both of you?”
Casey nodded. “We had to find a way to pay for school and…”
“I have a friend who works for a pharmaceutical company,” Linda looked at me, “and he said if we could take the pills and then track…”
“…whatever happens, they would pay us for the data.” Casey stood in front of me embarrassed.
“So,” I lowered my voice, “you took a pill, and now you guys have dicks?” It didn’t seem possible. How could you take a pill and get a penis? Nothing had ever worked that way before.
“Yes,” Linda said, “that’s about the size of it.”
I looked at Casey’s pants again and noticed the bulge had gotten slightly larger. I tingled all over. What neither of them knew, what I had never discussed with anyone before, was my predilection for cock.
It had started when I was young. Somehow, at a young age, I had learned that my pussy liked to be touched, but it liked to be filled, even more. As a teenager, I found all kinds of things to use as dildoes – candle sticks, vegetables; I could even cum working the edge of a desk in a pinch. But it wasn’t until high school that I really started to understand my devotion to the form.
I didn’t just like a good stiff cock, I didn’t just want it to fill and fuck me, I wanted to worship it. I loved everything about it, the shape, the feel, and its purpose. And I was devoted to pleasing them.
Looking back and forth between the two women in the room, I suddenly had a new, strange sense of purpose. I had always wondered what a woman would be like with a penis, what it would look like and how it would work, and now…I took a big swallow of Casey’s drink and smiled. “Well, why don’t you let me see them?” I glanced over at Linda.
The two exchanged glances and Casey’s cheeks went crimson. “You’re not afraid?”
“Afraid?” I took a step towards her and laid my palm against the bulge behind her zipper. “I’m not afraid, I’m excited.”
Casey leaned forward until her forehead touched mine. She looked relieved, like I had just removed a giant weight from her shoulders. “Oh my, God, Kate, you have no idea.”
I tilted my head and kissed her as I gripped the lengthening cock through her jeans. Her lips were soft and hesitant, but she gave into my advances and slipped an arm around my back to pull our bodies together.
“Oh,” I heard Linda unzip her jeans.
I kissed Casey for a few moments, and then dropped to my knees. I had to see the monster my fingers had been playing with through the thick denim. I unbuttoned the pants and slid the zipper down while Casey looked watched my every move.
My head was filled with questions. What is it going to look like? Do they still have vaginas? Do they work? Can they cum? Is it possible to ejaculate? I reached down into Casey’s jeans, wrapped my fingers around the log of hot flesh, and pulled it free.
It was more than I expected, more than I could have hoped for. Casey’s cock was huge, a solid ten or eleven inches and as thick as my wrist. I stared at throbbing tissue that looked exactly like any man’s penis but was two or three times the size. “Oh my God,” I whispered.
My chest ached with anticipation. I couldn’t believe what I was staring at. It was like I had stumbled onto the god of cocks and she was demanding my worship. I reached under the heft and ran my fingers along the puffy lips of Casey’s vagina.
Casey moaned and slowly lowered herself to the bed.
“I can’t believe it,” I wrapped my fingers around the base of it.
“Do you want me to leave?” Linda asked.
I turned to answer her and found her holding her own ten or twelve inches of rock hard cock. They’re both so beautiful, so amazing. My pussy contracted and little tingle washed across every nerve in my body.
“No,” I said, “you’re next.” I looked at Casey and slowly stroked my hand from the base of her cock to the tip. “Does it work?”
Her breath caught and she bit her lower lip. “Yes, oh God, yes, it works.”
I was thrilled. I stuck out my tongue and ran the tip from the base to the glans.
Casey moaned and a giant drop of clear liquid squeezed out of her turgid member.
I ran my finger through the goo and across the head before I pulled her forward and slipped her between my lips. I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t hold myself back. All I wanted was to please it, to worship its size and power.
The pre oozed covered my tongue in its salty sweetness and I swallowed more of her length and looked up.
Casey’s face was flushed with color and her eyes were squinted closed almost like she was in pain or doing her best not to cum in my mouth.
But that was my job, my goal. I stroked my fingers along the bottom of her dick faster as I bobbed my head along her length. I thought of her mother, Linda, sitting behind me watching me suck her daughters cock. My pussy was dripping wet, but it would have to wait.
I took my free hand and slid it under Casey’s cock and between the petals of her flower. She looked down at me, her lips slightly parted, her eyes glazed in ecstasy. “Yes,” she put her hand on the back of my head and pressed her cock deeper into my mouth.
The first orgasm crashed across me. I closed my eyes and buried Casey’s cock at the back of my throat as wave after wave of pleasure broke across me.
“No, no wait, I’m going to cum,” Casey tried to back away and pull her dick from my mouth, but I wouldn’t let go. I wanted it, I wanted her to let go in my mouth, I wanted to taste her pleasure, the essence of her cock and, with two fingers buried in her cunny and the tip of her dick nestled between my tonsils, Casey exploded.
Hot, salty cum gushed into my mouth faster than I could swallow and another orgasm overtook me.

I licked Casey clean like a kitten at a bowl of milk and smiled up at her.
“That was fucking amazing,” she panted.
I smiled and slipped my fingers, the two that had been inside her, between my lips before turning to her mother. “Now it’s your turn.”
Linda’s eyes went wide. “Are you serious?” Her cock was longer than Casey’s even and was standing proudly, had she tucked it under the purple blouse, it would have been visible between her tits poking out of her cleavage.
I crawled across the floor toward the monolith.
“You are amazing,” Linda sighed as I licked the length of her starting at the bottom and working my way to the tip slowly, first once, and then again and again. “I can’t believe…” she broke off I enveloped her with my mouth. “Ohhhh…” she leaned back in the chair.
I slipped free of her for a moment and looked over my shoulder. “What are you waiting for?”
Casey looked at me and then at my ass as I wiggled back and forth. “I get a turn too,” I said. “Fuck my brains out.”
She dropped to her knees, crawled over, and pulled my panties aside before sliding her tongue across my dripping snatch.
I moaned and sucked Linda back into my mouth.
Bliss overcame me as Casey’s cock spread my pussy wide and Linda made love to my mouth. I couldn’t believe the pleasure, the way my body seemed to glow as another orgasm sent starburst behind my eyes.
It was something, looking up and seeing Linda watch her daughter’s hips fuck me from behind. It only worked to excite me more, and I swallowed more of Linda’s length until she started to moan in earnest.
“Mom! Can I go over…?” The bedroom door opened and Casey’s little sister’s mouth fell open like she had seen a ghost.
None of us could stop. I glanced up and saw Linda’s eyes close as she bucked her cum into my eager mouth and her oldest daughter sprayed her sticky delight across my ass and back.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Writing Exercise - Futanari Girlfriend

We had been on the road for hours. The desert seemed as endless as the starry night. We hadn’t said much since the last gas stop. Giselle was still upset about the Lisa. It didn’t matter that it had only happened once or that we were technically on a break. Giselle had come home on her lunch break and found Lisa and I on the couch.
This trip was supposed to be our reset button. After two days of fighting and arguing we came to that moment, that single point in time where you know – it’s do something to get back on track or walk away. I had suggested a road trip. “Come on, you love long drives. We’ll go west, out across the desert, we’ll just drive, you and me. We can do this.” I was pleading, but it’s what I felt. I didn’t want to lose her.
Giselle’s face was red with anger. She had been betrayed by the one person that had promised not to, me. “Fine. Let’s do it. Let’s do one last thing together.” It wasn’t an ideal answer but it was better than walking out of my life forever, which is what I thought was going to happen.
But the road trip hadn’t been a cure all, like I had thought. No, Gi was still fuming, the anger burning just under the surface, and the slightest thing would set her off. I tried to keep the conversations as far away from that day as possible, but somehow it always came back to that.
“Those cacti  are gorgeous,” it was almost lunch time. We had been on the road for a few hours already but the radio had been on and we were both kind of waking up so we hadn’t talked much.
Gi looked out the window at the tall saguaro off in the distance, there was one in particular that only had one arm on the left side. “Like a dildo,” Gi sighed and I knew what she was thinking.
“Or a one-armed man,” I tried to keep things light and cheerful.
“I still don’t understand why,” Gi’s voice fell back to the tone it had taken over the past few days. “I just don’t, you know, get it. What were you thinking?”
“I wasn’t!” I sang the same song I had been singing since the door had opened. And it was the truth; I had no idea why what happened. I mean, one minute Lisa and I are sitting on the couch having coffee and talking about nothing in particular, and then she mentioned that she had gotten a new toy for her and her partner and things just, kind of, went off the rails.
Lisa and her partner, Sarah, were both normal women. They didn’t know about Giselle, they had no idea that her and I were more like a normal couple than most lesbians, that our sex life was surprisingly similar to a heterosexual couple’s sex life.
And, I don’t know, when I saw the thing. You know, when Lisa had pulled the massive, double-ended dildo out of her purse and held it up…it kind of caught me off guard.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” Lisa had held the thick, blue phallus up to the light for me to admire.
The thing was amazing, almost like a life cast of a real cock, a massive one complete with the heavy vein along the top and familiar mushroom-shaped head. It reminded me of Giselle, of the thick rod of futanari meat between her legs, the throbbing cock that I loved to ride.
Instinctively, I had reached up and wrapped my hand around the girth of the thing. “It’s amazing.”
It had happened right then, I mean, looking back, I could see the moment clearly. We had been sitting side by side, we had been both been holding onto a massive dildo, and we had both suddenly been turned on.
Now, I had known Lisa for years, even before Giselle, and we had almost dated, would have if Sarah wouldn’t have come along. And it as weird, it wasn’t like I had feelings for her. It wasn’t like I had wished that I was with Sarah instead of Giselle (I would have never made that decision), but there was this moment.
We had both kind of felt it. I had looked into her eyes, she had looked into mine, and then…well, she had leaned forward and kissed me.
Her lips mouth had been hot, her lips like fire against mine. And when we had parted, my head a blur of lust and caution, she had slipped the head of the dildo between her lips and I…well, I had given in to temptation.
We had kissed again and I had taken charge, imagining what it must be like to be Giselle, to be a woman with a cock about to fuck another woman. It had been a fantasy of mine forever, and Lisa, without hesitation, obviously willing to give in to a what if, had pulled me on top of her.
When Giselle had walked in, the thick plastic was burrowed in each of us, our legs tangled over and under each other’s, our hips thrusting in harmony, rocking our bodies to our umpteenth orgasm.

“You have to let it go,” I said softly as we continued to drive, the road a never ending ribbon of black asphalt in front of us, a thousand drivers moving past us lost in their own worlds.
“Let it go?” Giselle’s almost spat the word. You need to understand that I am your partner. Me. There is no one else.”
I nodded and went back to staring out the window. What have I done? She’s right. I don’t want to lose. I would do anything to fix this.

Day passed into night and we moved through more radio stations in virtual silence. Giselle drove and I stared out the window until a thought occurred to me, one way I knew I could bring Giselle around.
I glanced over and she ignored me, one hand on the wheel, her eyes straight ahead. “You know I love you,” I said softly.
Giselle looked at me. “Doesn’t feel like it.” There was still some acid in her voice, but less.
“You’re right,” I moved a little close to her, just a little, enough for her notice, “I’m yours, completely. I don’t know what I would do without you.”
She leaned back in her chair and gave me an appraising look. “Mine, huh?”
I nodded. I would do anything to make her happy, anything to make the war between us end.
“I’m going to make you prove that,” the grin on her face was mean and I tingled with excitement.
“Yes, I’ll do anything. Tell me.”
Giselle looked me over, the way you look at a sizzling steak when you’re hungry. “Take your clothes off.”
I looked at her for a moment, for a second.
“I said take off your clothes,” her voice was stern, the words were an order.
My nipples immediately grew hard and I slipped my t-shirt over my head exposing the red, pushup bra that I knew she liked.
But Giselle gave me a wry grin. “All of them. Now.”
I reached back without a word, unhooked my bra, and slipped out of the straps exposing my tits to the cool night air. My puffy, dark nipples stood out defiantly.
Giselle grinned. “Now the rest.”
Kicking my sandals off, I reached down and shimmied out of my shorts and matching panty. Now I felt exposed, like I had never been naked in front of her before. I don’t know why it felt that way, but it did. I crossed my legs to hide my pussy, but Giselle’s hand came down on my thigh.
“No,” she held my leg in place. “I want to see it,” she said firmly.
I spread my left leg toward her and my right toward the door. “Like this?” I looked down at the neatly trimmed mound and ragged little lips of my cunt and felt my chest tighten. I was getting turned on.
“Now take off my clothes,” Giselle stared out the windshield. “All of them.”
I reached over and we worked her out of the loose polo shirt she was wearing. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her heavy breasts, almost twice as big as my own, hung down like ripe fruit. I started to reach for her right breast, I wanted to tweak the nipple and watch the little bit of pain light across her face, but she pulled away.
“Don’t touch me,” she snapped, “do what I told you.”
A shiver of excitement went through me. She wanted to play rough, she wanted to dominate me, force me to pay what I had done, and I loved the idea.
I reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. The fabric was stretched tight over her cock, the length running forward, trapped along her thigh. I pulled the zipper down and reached into the opening to free her before I tugged the fabric down her thighs.
Her cock, all thirteen inches of its thick, hot magnificence sprang up and thumped the bottom of the steering wheel. Giselle, cocked her knee against the wheel, reached up and put her hair in a ponytail while I sat and stared down at the throbbing dick I wanted more than air.
“Suck it,” she reached over and grabbed the back of my head. “Suck it,” she pressed me down until her cock parted my lips.
I closed my eyes. The skin was hot and could feel her contract as I swallowed more and more of her.
“Yes, swallow it.” She pressed me head down until the tip of her cock touched my gag reflex, but I had been there before and I relaxed my throat. I wanted my punishment, craved it. If nothing else, I deserved it.
I swallowed more of her, pressing her into my throat and breathing through my nose. I could smell the musk of her pussy and, without being told, I spread her lips wide and dipped a finger into her darkness.
“Yes,” the car’s engine roared for a moment as she pressed the accelerator in excitement. “Fuck me,” she ordered and her hips began to thrust her throbbing dick deeper into my throat.
I pressed another finger inside her, deeper this time, I wanted her to come, to let go of everything that had been between us.
“Another,” she ordered breathlessly, “all of them.”
I took my orders and pressed all four fingers into a dripping snatch. Hot precum oozed down my throat. I spread my fingers as wide as I could and began moving my hand faster and faster inside of her.
My own heart was racing, my cunt a dripping mess between my legs. I crawled onto all fours pointing my ass at the window and the cars we passed on the highway, but none of that mattered, none of that existed. All there was in that moment was Giselle and I.
She fucked my face while I worked her cunt until I heard the familiar groans. “I’m going to cum,” she said between clenched teeth. “Swallow it, swallow it all.”
And she came. The thick white juice raced down my throat until I couldn’t swallow. It backed up into my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. She groaned and another shot of cum jetted from her swollen cock.
I tried to back away but she held me still, firmly planted on the end of her dick as cum bubbled out my nose and her pussy let go.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing Exercise - My Neighbor's Husband

I sent him the picture because I knew he would get angry.

He had already told me that we couldn't talk on the phone, no more text messages, no more Facebook, nothing that left a trail. His wife had been too close, nosing around his email and phone. I still don’t know what set her off, the perfume he likes me to wear is light, like spring flowers, and I only spray it across my breasts.
But two nights ago, after she had gone to sleep, he had called upset and worried that he was going to lose everything. “We can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep seeing you. I can’t take a chance on losing everything just because I can’t keep my cock out of you.”
Of course, I tried to calm him down, tried to be a friend and a good listener. I told him that it was alright, that he was worried about nothing, that there was nothing for her to find, that we had been careful.
It took almost an hour, but he finally seemed to soften a bit. For a minute, I thought he was going to cry, but he came around, said it wasn’t my fault, said he was sorry for brining me into his problems, that he didn’t need this kind of shit happening right now, but that I was the only good thing in his life. You know, all the right things when you are confused between the woman lying in your bed and the woman downstairs.
From my window downstairs, I watched his wife drive off the next morning. I wondered if he was up yet or if he had decided to sleep in. And I’ll be honest, I thought about leaving him alone. There was a little part of me that felt sorry for him, but then I liked what we had, I liked him.
So, wearing nothing but my skimpy little bath robe, the one that hits me right in the middle of my thighs, I walked from the second floor to the fourth. The whole way, I wrestled with what I was doing. I mean, he was trying to be a better man, right? Trying to keep his failing marriage together, but I didn’t like the fact that everything was his decision. Wasn't I part of this too? I mean, I liked us, I liked the way we fit together, his cock, the way he held me after we were spent. Can’t a girl decide what’s good for her too?
The front door was unlocked and I could hear the shower running. I looked around the place. There were bills on the kitchen table, his suit jacket was hanging on the doorknob to the second bedroom, his office, and I leaned down and smelled the lapel. I do love the way he smells.
After sneaking around a bit, the adrenaline pumping through me as I thought about the possibilities of getting caught – his wife coming home was my biggest worry, I carefully opened the bathroom door and stepped inside.
The room was filled with steam and the smell of his soap thrilled me. I pulled the curtain back and dropped the robe from my shoulders.
His eyes went wide and wandered over curve of my body.
I tucked my hair behind my ear and took him in. It was that moment, that moment where you can almost feel the energy between two people and, as I stood there naked, the steam from the shower washing around me, his eyes glued to my form, he didn’t say a word about mistakes or getting caught.
No, as I stepped under the warm spray, dropped to my knees, and wrapped my fingers around his stiffening cock; it was like he had forgotten all about his wife, all about the way we had talked the night before.

 I have no idea how late he was that morning, but I could feel my pussy for the rest of the day because that morning he had taken me like I was his. After I had bobbed my head on the end of his thick rod for a few minutes, long enough to taste the precum that oozed across my tongue, he had pulled me to my feet, kissed me, and then turned me around.
“Bend over,” he had growled.
Excitement shivered through me, like I said, I’m a girl that likes cock, and his was one of my favorites. I bent over and shot him a coy glance over my shoulder as I spread my legs. “Like this?” I asked innocently.
Without a word, he gripped my hips, his fingers dug  into the crease where my thighs met my waist.
I closed my eyes and took a breath as he lined himself up. The anticipation was enough, I was soaking wet.
And then he was in me, his cock stretching my pussy wide as he buried himself to the hilt.
I tried to dig my nails into the tile, it felt so good, the force, the way he pushed and pulled me onto his dick. I was his fuck toy, a rag doll to his animalistic thrusts.
I had never seen him last as long as he did that morning. That morning he was unstoppable, a piston, a machine. Gone was the man that usually fucked me only when I asked for it. No, that morning he was an beast – from behind under the spray of the shower, then on the edge of the sink after we toweled off, my legs wrapped around the small of his back, and finally on his bed, my hair dripping wet on his wife’s pillow.

My phone beeped. It was him. Under the picture of me, sitting in my little breakfast nook in the naughty new outfit I had gotten just for him, were the words: Don’t move. I’m on my way.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Writing Exercise - Under the Desk

“No, I don’t think you heard me,” Ethan’s voice was even, soft even, as he stared across the room, through the open door, and out at Michelle’s desk. “Well, Frank, if you can’t be there for the closing, I think it’s time I found another property lawyer.” He knew she could hear him, knew she recognized the tone in his voice, but she didn’t turn toward his office. Does she know I am watching her? Can she feel it?
“Mister Barrett, I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, you and I have had a long…”
“Yes, Frank, I understand. Please send Michelle your final invoice. Thank you for all your help over the years.” Michelle turned her head at the sound of her name and met Ethan’s gaze. She’s really quite pretty.Ethan looked her over. Her posture was perfect; her back as straight at the cricket bat that leaned against the wall near his window. Her hair was wrapped around a black onyx chopstick, a Christmas present he had picked up in Tokyo the year before.
She smiled and then returned to the stack of paper in front of her.
“Mister Barrett, wait just a…”
Ethan set the receiver down and stepped over to the window at the back of his office. “Michelle?”
The young woman stepped into through the door and swept a rogue curl of blonde hair out of her face. “Yes, Mister Barrett?”
“We need a new property lawyer.”
She swiped a finger across the tablet in her hand. “Yes, sir.”
Ethan sat down behind his desk and watched his assistant as she concentrated on the tablet. She was dressed in a simple black skirt, a white blouse, and black high heels that had a number of straps around the ankle. She wore the shoes for me. He almost smiled at the thought. The straps were meant to remind him, the straps, and the little red tie around her neck.
“Which firm would you like to approach,” she looked up from the tablet.
“Ingram’s firm has some new blood. Imra, that was her name.”
Michelle’s fingers worked the tablet furiously and, within a moment, she had the name. “Bridgette Imra, yes, she’s at Ingram and Fletcher. Would you like me to contact her?” She looked up and the little rogue hair escaped her ear and fell across her left eye. She lifted her hand and tucked it behind her ear a little embarrassed by the way Ethan stared at her.
“Yes, call Fletcher and tell him I’m coming over tomorrow to meet with him, Ingram, and Miss Imra.”
Michelle’s touched her screen. “Absolutely, what time would you like me to tell him?” She didn’t look up.
“Six o’clock,” Ethan touched his desktop, the little inset screen in the corner, and the windows tinted to forty-percent, darkening the entire room in shades.
Michelle didn’t look up. Her feet shifted like she had to suddenly adjust her weight to remain upright, and she bit the corner of her bottom lip. Control, Michelle. Ethan watched her hands, they trembled as she manipulated the tablet, and he could almost feel her struggling. Come on, he thought,you can do this.
Michelle finished her notes, took a deep breath, without being too obvious, and composed herself before she looked back at her employer. “Is there anything else, sir?” Her voice betrayed the slightest hint of excitement but her eyes were steady and firm.
“That was well done,” he was being honest, she had learned a great deal of control over the past two weeks.
She blushed, “thank you, sir.”
“Come here,” he looked over and thought of the first night he had begun teaching her.
She took a step and then froze, “Miss Thompson, from downstairs will be arriving any minute.”
Ethan held out his hand. “Yes?”
Michelle stepped toward him, her eyes went wider with each step, but he could see the struggle. She wanted to run into his arms, wanted him to take her and pull her close.
He watched her walk, watched each stride as she moved across the room. She really was beautiful. She stopped a foot from him, he could smell her perfume.
She looked up at him. “Yes, sir?” Her voice quivered slightly, like she was barely able to force herself to obey.
“Under the desk,” Ethan pointed to the dark, little alcove his chair filled.
“Yes, sir.” Michelle swallowed and turned toward the desk.
Ethan watched her tight little ass swing as she walked away from him and remembered the red tie he had worn the first night, the tie he had used to blindfold her and then to tie her hands to the bed.
She set the tablet on the desk, bent over slowly, allowing Ethan to watch the black skirt as it rode up, and showed off the charcoal-colored stockings.
He wanted to tear them, wanted to reach down and forcibly remove and reveal the round cheeks of her ass. Control, he thought.
She climbed into the cubby-sized hole and turned around. The look on her face was priceless, her eyes shined with expectant delight. It had been weeks since Ethan had touched her, weeks since he had taken her home and shown her what a master really was.
“Mister Barrett?” Ellen Thompson, head of Barrett Industries bio-chem department stood in the doorway. “I’m sorry, Michelle wasn’t at her desk.”
Ethan took a breath and completely ignored the young woman under his desk. “No, Ellen, it’s fine. She just stepped out. Come in.” He walked over to his desk, waited until Ellen had taken a seat, and then sat and moved his chair forward.
“You wanted to talk about the recent developments with J3Th?” Ellen voice started. “As you know, testing for J3Th…”
Michelle’s fingers were on his thighs, slowly rubbing the tops of his legs, slowly moving higher.
Ethan took a deep breath. “Yes, Ellen, I know about the testing, what I was concerned with was the consistent budget overruns in your department.”
Ellen sputtered for a moment. “Yes, well, as you know, the drug has shown a marked improvement in…”
Ethan stopped listening as Michelle’s patience faltered. The rubbing stopped and her nimble fingers worked the zipper of his pants, and then scrambled inside to pull his cock free.
He focused on his breathing, staring at Ellen while she talked and making mental notes of the words of the coming out of her mouth.
It wasn’t easy. Michelle’s hands were eager, and once his cock was free, exposed to the cool air conditioning of the office, he almost visibly shivered when Michelle’s mouth enveloped him.
“Budget! You’re over budget, Ellen.” Michelle’s fingers wrapped around the base of his turgid member and began stroking him while she bobbed her head back and forth.
“Yes, I understand, but if you can give the team a little more time, I think…”
Ethan shifted in his seat. He could barely focus. His cheeks felt hot, and his heart was beating like he had just finished a run.
Michelle’s mouth was so hot, so wet and the way she sucked, and tugged and wrapped her rough little tongue around the tip.
He thought of the red tie, the way he had bound her hands while he had buried his head between her legs, the way she had squealed while he had sucked her clit.
Every part of him wanted to reach under the desk and grab the back of Michelle’s head. He needed to fuck her face, needed to thrust his hips into her eager mouth.
“How many more days?” He wondered if Ellen heard the strain in his voice.
Ellen glanced at the window behind him and then back. “Seven. We need seven more days.”
It felt like his cock was at the back of Michelle’s throat; like she had swallowed every inch of him and the familiar pressure was starting to build. His chest tightened and he felt short of breath as he focused on trying to h
Can I do it? Can I come right now in front of Ellen without her knowing?
He felt Michelle shiver. Her mouth, her hand, she quivered around him and he realized she had just cum, silently, on the end of cock. And it was too much.
He took a little breath and stared down at his desk like he was considering what Ellen was saying when, in reality, he was shooting his seed in Michelle’s mouth.
She swallowed and then slid off his cock as he contracted again and again.
“That’s fine, Ellen.” Ethan said, “Seven days.”
Ellen stood and offered her hand, but Ethan just looked at it and then the door.

When she was gone, he pushed the chair back and stared down at Michelle. She was a mess. Most of her smiling, happy face was covered in his cum and there was a glistening wet spot on her stockings.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Writing Exercise - Futanari

Melissa sat on the other side of the bedroom in the little reading chair I had by the window. She was already dressed for work wearing a sleek, grey skirt, black stockings, and tight, white blouse buttoned tight to the neck.
I couldn't help but smile. The way she was staring at me, the little mischievous grin as her eyes played across me lying naked in the bed.
"Morning," I stretched my arms over my head and felt the throbbing cock against my stomach.
"Mmmm," she licked her lips and stared at my turgid organ.
I sat up and the rock hard cock slipped between my breasts, like a glove, like it was meant to nestle between the two orbs of silky flesh.
"Have you just been sitting there staring at me?" I ran a hand through my hair and wondered how bad I looked. It was the first time Melissa had stayed over, and this was not how I imagined it would go.
"How could I not?" She let out a deep sigh and I could tell she was remembering last night, the way we had burned most of the night away, her body constantly attached to my cock, from behind, on top, beneath.
"What do you want?" I slid my hands up my thighs and spread my legs giving her a straight view of my both my cock and my quim.
Melissa glanced at her watch. "I only have a few minutes."
I wrapped my fingers around the base of my throbbing rod. "Want to watch me cum again?"
Her eyes widened.
"Want to watch me stroke myself, make myself cum all over the place?" A thick bead of precum oozed from the tip and I ran my finger through it. "Is that what you want? Something to think about on the drive?" I ran the finger between my lips and across my tongue. "Hmmm?"
Melissa cleared her throat and nodded. I could see the longing in her eyes. She wanted me, she was crazy for me, all she could think about were the hours I had spent plunging my cock into her dripping pussy.
I squeezed and felt the familiar excitement wash across me. I pulled my shoulders forward and pressed my breasts around the hot flesh as I bucked my hips.
The tip of my shaft rose and fell with each thrust.
Melissa's eyes grew wider as I stared down at the phallus and parted my lips.
God, it felt good, the slightly sweet taste of precum ooozed across my tongue and I squeezed the base of my cock tighter.
Melissa was practically vibrating with excitement. She shifted her hips and uncrossed her legs. I stared into the shadows between her thighs and thought of the warm cunt, the sleeve of quivering flesh I had stretched hours before.
The pressure built. My tool grew in my hands, thickened as I bucked it's girth between my breasts.
"Touch yourself," I stared at Melissa. "Do it, reach down between your legs."
She obeyed, spreading her legs until the skirt shifted high enough that I could see the black lace thong she had worn over the night before. "Do it." My heart was pounding. The pre oozed from my cock, covering the top of my breasts.
"Yes," Melissa pulled the lace to one side and spread her lips wide before plunging her middle finger into herself.
"More," I rasped doing everything I could to hold back the orgasm that was building in my belly.
She pressed two fingers in and closed her eyes as they disappeared deep inside her. "Oh..." she cooed.
I thought of the way our bodies had tangled, our breasts crushed together, her flat belly against mine as I fucked her.
She reached up and gripped her own breasts. "Yes," she said, "come with me."
I let go.
Hot cum spurted from my cock, the first bolt splashed against my ear and hair, the second against my cheek. I moaned. Each contraction ejected more of the milky white serum, but I couldn't stop pulling on my flesh, it felt too good.