Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Katie's Failing Grade

This is the new story I have been working on for awhile now.  It features Katie, one of my favorite recurring characters as she attempts to get the attention of a professor she has been after since the beginning of school.  

It starts out hot and stays hot all the way through.  Here's a sneak peak.

I turned on the water and felt it run over my skin. I grabbed the little wand and soaked my hair. I watched as the hot water ran down my skin and over my breasts in little rivulets before they fell. The feel of it brought a flash from the dream, his fingertips tracing my arms as he stood behind me. Just the memory of that feeling made my breath catch and my heart sputter a little. I closed my eyes and imagined that we were showering together. I could see his wet mop of hair, the water as it ran through the salt and pepper curls on his broad chest, his penis standing at attention, pressing against my belly while he leaned down and kissed me under the spray.
After her plan goes into action and she finally makes it to class in an outfit that her and her roommate Max put together, things take a turn.

Was he getting as turned on as I was? I imagined his rod straining against the zipper of his chinos. I felt the heat between my legs start to rise, my pulse quicken, while I worked my mouth on the candy. I pushed the lolli back inside and put my hands on my knees, I couldn’t help myself.  As soon as I moved, he glanced up. I grinned and slowly pushed my legs apart. 
The rest?  Well, things take a bend a little further when she figures out the the professor she has been after has a plan for her as well, one that involves his assistant and their BDSM relationship.

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