Saturday, July 14, 2012


What is it about control that is such a turn on? A blindfold, gives us control over expectation; a silk scarf, control over movement and touch. Why do we relish both sides? There seems to be just as much excitement on one side of the blindfold as there is on the other? Why?

I was working on a new story today and the issue presented itself. A character is faced with a person that has control over a situation. It was interesting to write because, in third person, I got to explore both sides of the scene; the controller and the person being controlled. Perhaps control isn't the right word. Perhaps it's a question of power and the relinquishment of control.

What is it about power that is so thrilling? That is so sensual and titillating? Why does it make us weak in the knees when a lover decides to order us to this or that?

"Come over here," she said looking up at her assistant.  "Stand right here." She pointed at a spot on the floor directly in front of her knees as Allison walked around her desk.  She waited until she reached the spot and then looked over the nervous girl.  "Now unbutton your blouse. I want to see your breasts," she said.
Allison slipped the top button through the hole and then started on the second as her eyes watched her boss silently stare.  She wasn't sure why she was obeying her, following her every command, only that she was and was going to continue to do so.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.  I find the whole idea of authority and power interesting.

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