Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Mighty Mac Pt.2

The car pushed me back in my seat and I pushed my feet against the floor giving him room to move his fingers.  I was coming, I could feel my juices flow as the everything inside of me contracted, it was a sunburst.
"Ahhh..." I moaned, feeling his hand move against everything inside of me.
"Oh," he said, smiling over, "you just came didn't you?"
He snatched his fingers out and immediately stuck them in his mouth licking my cum off; my body jolted as his skin slipped out of me.  I watched his tongue suck my glistening juice and slid my hand onto the enormous bulge in his shorts.

His cock was facing the wrong way and straining against the cotton fabric.  I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed watching his face react.  I love to watch his face when I turn him on.  His eyebrows furrow like he's angry, but his breath catches and there's a little grin at the edge of his mouth.  Everything inside of me goes crazy when he looks like that.  It's so hot, it turns me on, just watching him enjoy what I do to him.

I slid my hand under the leg of the shorts and found the tip of his cock sticking out from his boxers.  I rolled my fingertip around it and felt him swell under my touch.

"I'm driving," he said, making sure not to look at me.

This only caused me to scoot as far as the damnable bucket seat would let me and then stretch over to suck his earlobe into my mouth my while I slipped the rest of my hand up his boxer leg and wrapmy fingers around the remainder of his cock.

He shifted in his seat giving me some room and I started to pump him along his thigh.  His skin was so hot, stiff, and throbbing.  "What's the matter?" I whispered, "you don't think you can drive and cum in my mouth at the same time?"

He glanced over at me and I felt him pulse in my hand.  I reached over with my free hand and slowly pulled down the zipper on his shorts.

I used both hands and freed him through the ridiculous slot in his boxers until the wealth of his cock was exposed, stiff and throbbing in front of the steering wheel.  I wrapped my fingers around the base of him and started to tug while I whispered in his ear.

"Oh, you are so hard.  You can't wait can you?  My tongue slithering around your cock while you fuck my mouth, are you going to come for me?  Are you going to let me swallow your hot come?"
I pulled my skirt up and moved my panties to the side, just so he could see my swollen pussy lips covered in glistening cum.  I shivered as the fabric brushed across me.  I was ready to come again.  He looked over and then ran two fingers between my lips.  I moaned and closed my eyes as he did, there is nothing like his rough fingers on my sensitive skin.

I leaned over and slipped him between my lips as he moaned and tangled his fingers in the hair on the back of my head.

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