Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chase Meeks: The Breakup



Chase Meeks: The Breakup...

is live on Smashwords and Amazon!  This is the first part of an erotic series that is outlined to be three books as it stands, but may end up being one more.  :) 

The story is a departure from my normal wham-bam style which, I hope, works well and people like.  It is told, first person, by our male protagonist, Chase, and comes complete with footnotes.  Footnotes?  I know, it's something new I thought I would try out.

Like I said, the story is told in a first-person narrative and I thought footnotes made some of Chase's thoughts more clear, funnier, and added a nice little icing on the story.  It's something I have never seen before in erotica and I would love to know what everyone things of it.

Anyway, there is tons of new stuff coming out before the holidays, keep checking back and, as always, THANKS FOR READING.

Here is a snippet from the story.  Enjoy!

I left Economics 212 and stood in the hallway with my campus map desperately trying to find Advanced Algebra 210.  Glancing up, I saw a few other kids doing the same thing, stumbling out of classrooms like they had wandered into the wrong bathroom. Finally I found it, second floor of the building I was standing in.

Running like a man being chased by wolves2, I hit the staircase, rounded two corners, dodged countless other lost souls, and blasted through the large wooden door that led to the class I needed. 

I was late.

The door closed behind me with a loud clank that echoed around the room and I realized the error of my ways. 

Every face in the room turned toward me, hundreds of them, all dusky blue sitting under the dimmed lights and projector shadow.  My heart dropped somewhere around my nuts. 

I glanced at the screen that hung along the front of the class.  It was covered in equations, long, hand-drawn equations in black marker.  The lecture had already begun.

I turned and looked at the teacher on the little stage at the bottom of the stadium seating. 

She met my eyes with a smile.  “It’s okay,” she said.  “Please tell me that you need Advanced Algebra 210.”

“Um,” My mind went blank.  Everything stopped.  Nothing in my head seemed to be working3.  I just stood there and stared at her for a few seconds.  She was gorgeous, unbelievably gorgeous.  No, I am serious, she was like an actress on television, too pretty, the kind of woman you hardly ever see out in the real world.

I took her in.4 

She was younger than I thought a college professor could be.  She was older than me, but I couldn’t tell by how much, five years?  Maybe ten?  The age just made her hotter though.5

Standing there in black skirt, black shoes, and white blouse she was perfect.  I couldn’t get stop staring – long blond hair pulled back in a bun, thick-rimmed glasses, lips that looked like she was constantly pouting, and a body that said she spent a lot of time at the gym.  Smitten doesn’t describe what I felt.  I couldn’t breathe.

“Right?  You are looking for Advanced Algebra 210?”  Her voice broke through the hypnosis. 

I don’t know how long I had been standing there but my heart was racing.  “Alegra!  Advanced Algebra 210!  Yes!” 

The entire room chuckled but this time I didn’t feel like dropping everything and running away.  This time I joined in and laughed at myself.  I not only deserved their laughter, I understood it.  I was a wreck of a human being.  She had stopped me cold in my tracks, broken my brain for a second or two. 

What the fuck is wrong with me?  Why can’t I speak in complete sentences?  Is she really the professor, maybe she’s the professor’s aid or assistant, they do that right?  What was that look in her eye?  Was there a look in her eye?  How about that cute girl in the second row, she was checking me out.6

“Alright,” the professor smiled.  “Go ahead and find a seat.  We are on page six of the text if you brought it, if not just follow along.  This is just review stuff.”  Her voice was warm and understanding.