Friday, March 13, 2015

Writing Exercise - Double The Futa Fun

It was six o’clock when I got the text: Hey, come one over. I smiled and wrote back: On my way. It was later than I wanted, especially for a Friday night, but Casey said she needed help with some of her research and Brad was out of town for football so it wasn’t like I had a whole lot to do anyway. If it wasn’t for Casey, I would have probably just staying home, maybe watched a movie or played on the computer all night.
While I was slipping on my shoes, another text came through. Wear something sexy, we’re going out after.
I stared down at the screen. Casey and I had only been friends for a few weeks, we had one class together, but the professor put us together on a number of projects and we got along well. To be honest, I liked her more because she had a place off campus, a house about three blocks away. It wasn’t hers, I mean, it was her family’s but her mom was super nice and her little sister was cute.
K, I texted the letter and then tossed my phone on the bed and looked down at the beat-up jeans and sweatshirt I was currently sporting. Nope, not going to do. I walked to my closet and grabbed a few things, tossing everything on the bed while I tried to figure out exactly what kind of out Casey was talking about.
After tossing half my closet on the bed, I decided I needed clarification on what Casey was thinking. What should I wear?
My phone beeped. Something…sexy.
Something sexy? Like I said, I had known Casey for a couple of weeks, and she didn’t seem like the kind of girl that liked to get dressed up and go clubbing. She was pretty, don’t misunderstand, but she wasn’t that girl. When given the choice to where a pretty dress or a pair of jeans, Casey was going jeans every time.
Maybe that’s it though, maybe she doesn’t know how to dress up, and maybe she wants to…it didn’t make much sense but it was the best I could come up with. I decided on something not too dressy, but still kind of sexy, a simple skirt with a white blouse and no bra. Sometimes sexy is what you don’t do.
 I made it over to the house by almost seven. When I got there, Casey answered the door in jeans and a white sweater, the same thing she had worn to classes, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail by a dark-colored little scarf. “Hey, girl!” She grinned from ear to ear like she knew something I didn’t.
“Is that Kate?” I heard her mom’s voice from the kitchen and saw her peek around the kitchen door, happy as happy could be. “Hey, sweetheart. Did you eat yet?”
It was one of my favorite things about Casey’s, it might not have been her own place, but she had food, good food, cooked by someone with love. But I had already eaten at the cafeteria. “No, miss Hark, I already ate.”
“Linda, sweetie, call me Linda. You’re as good as family now.” She smiled and disappeared back into the kitchen.
“Come on,” Casey led us back to her room and the experiment, at least all of her notes on the experiment were scattered across her bed like a blanket of handwritten information.
“Oh, Casey, wow.” I didn’t know what else to say, the piles were loosely organized, the papers were all handwritten, complete with graphs, and there had to be a hundred pages.
“I know, mom is helping me put it all into the computer.”
I turned and looked at her a bit confused. Something wasn’t right, I mean, why was I dressed up like we were going somewhere if there were a hundred pages of research to organize and transcribe? “Okay?” I looked down at my outfit and then at hers.
“Oh, don’t worry, this won’t take long.” She scooped up a stack of papers and started sorting through them.” Most of it is has already been disseminated.
I walked over to the bed and looked down at few of the pages spread across the pillow. One page caught my attention - stage one trials, two subjects, both female. I looked at another pile and saw a number of graphs with numbers and letters but none of it made any sense.
“Brad’s in Virginia?” Casey asked.
“Yeah, game tonight and Sunday,” I picked up a piece of paper that said: All test measurements above average. “What is all this? What class is it for?”
Casey hesitated. “Well, it’s not for a class,” she made air quotes, “per se.”
“You guys want something to drink?” Linda’s voice echoed from the kitchen.
“They’re girls, mom. We’re all girls!” It was Steph, Casey’s little sister who called out from her room down the hall.
“You want something?” Casey asked.
“Yeah,” I stared down at the paper in my hand and tried to imagine what all of the research was for. She had never mentioned any extracurricular work, any classes that would require measurements.

Her mom arrived a few minutes later with three tall glasses on a plastic tray and I noticed that she was a little more dressed up than usual. Every other time I had ever seen Linda; she had always been in either mom at home, kind of clothes – comfy stuff, like sweatshirts, flannel pajama pants and the like. Or she would still be in work clothes – casual, office work type clothes.
But tonight, she was in a sparkly, purple blouse with a plunging neck line that showed the ample curves of her breasts. “Girls,” she set the tray down on Casey’s computer desk, “I made us some iced tea,” she winked at me and I realized that the three tall glasses were filled with Long Island style tea.
“I like your new haircut,” I looked at Linda’s new do, a short cut that left her deep red hair in angles around her face.
“Thank you! It was Casey’s idea,” Linda picked up one of the glasses and took a long sip. “Friday!” She held her arm up over her head and spun around.
We all laughed and I took a drink of my own tea. It was strong, and almost sour, but delicious. This is going to be fun. I set the drink down on the tray and looked at Casey. “So, are you going to tell me what all of this is?” I pointed to the bed.
Casey and her mom shared a split-second glance before Casey picked up a stack of papers near the end of the bed. “Well, we have been kind of,” she sorted through the stack like she was looking for something in particular, “working with a scientist.”
I shot a glance at Linda and she kind of shrugged. “A scientist?”
“You know how expensive school is, right?” Casey set the papers down, sat on the edge of the bed, and adjusted her jeans.
I thought about the three of them living in that big house alone, one daughter in college, one still in high school, and just Linda to support everyone. It couldn’t have been easy. Like my own father kept reminding me, life isn’t cheap. “Yeah,” I sighed, “nothing’s cheap.”
“Exactly,” Linda sat down and took another gulp of tea.
“So, we found a way to make some extra money.” Casey handed me a sheet of graph paper with what looked like a complicated chemical equation.
I stared down at the map of chemical bonds but I had no idea what I was looking at. To me, it just looked like carbon, hydrogen, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t recognize. “What is this?”
The two exchanged looks again. “It’s an experimental thing.” Casey said with some difficulty, like she wasn’t sure how to explain.
“We need to get the rest of the data in the computer, and then we can go and talk about all this stuff.” Linda handed me my glass. “Here, sweetheart, have a drink while I finish typing this stack.”
I could already feel the effects of the alcohol. I was all warm and fuzzy, even a little horny really, but I didn’t care. Casey needed my help and it was fun hanging out with her and her mom.

Two hours later, with two more drinks under my belt, we were through most of the bed. We made a solid team, I sorted through everything, and made neat piles of data based on the headings of each page, Casey organized that data according to what the scientist wanted, and Linda typed it all into the software. We were clicking right along, laughing about stories from Casey’s childhood, talking about vacations we had had, places we had visited, when I came across one page of notes that caught my attention.
In the center of the page, in between some strange numbers and weird codes, was the word penis. I ran my eyes across the page again, curious.
The page was a data sheet, a bunch of questions and blanks for answers. There were questions about when the chemical had been administered, side effects, and time until first changes were noticed. The words were blurred slightly as I tried to read.
“What’s that one?” Casey slipped the paper from my hands and started to look it over.
“Penis,” I said the word and almost laughed at the sound of my own voice. “It has questions about penises or penis size or something,” I tilted the last of my tea back. God, that was good. Linda makes a helluva drink. Mmm…I feel good.
“Yeah, it’s a questionnaire,” Casey handed the paper to her mother and their eyes met, but just for a second.
I reached over to the tray and took a sip off Casey’s drink. “Whose penis are they asking about?” I blurted the question and Casey dashed across the room to close the bedroom door.
She looked at me and then gave her mom a look like she wanted her approval or opinion, I couldn’t tell which.
“What’s going on?” I looked back and forth between the two of them.
“It’s us,” Casey looked down at her shoes.
“What?” I looked at the papers on the bed. “What’s us? What are you talking about?” I picked up a fresh stack of papers.
“The penises,” Casey said softly, “they’re…ours.”
Penises, what a funny word. Two penises. Ours? Wait, what? I looked over at Linda.
She had turned her chair toward the bed and was facing me with a think grin on her face. I looked her over, stared down at the cleavage that bubbled out of her purple top. Then down across the flatness of her belly to her jeans. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. “Wait, you’re saying you…”
“Yes,” Casey said.
And Linda slowly spread her knees in front of me. I looked back and forth between her eyes and the place where her legs came together. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen but something in me couldn’t look away. It seemed impossible, like I had been told that cold was really hot and hot was really cold and I had just had it backwards my whole life.
It was lying against her inner thigh. I could see the bulge in the dark blue denim. Oh my. God, is that a penis, a real penis? I thought of Brad’s cock, the way it looked when he got excited and we were driving somewhere, the way it could get stuck facing the wrong way and create a bulge in whatever pants he was wearing.
A little tingle of excitement went through me and I turned toward Casey. “How the, what the?” I looked down at her jeans and noticed a slight bump, a bulge. “Both of you?”
Casey nodded. “We had to find a way to pay for school and…”
“I have a friend who works for a pharmaceutical company,” Linda looked at me, “and he said if we could take the pills and then track…”
“…whatever happens, they would pay us for the data.” Casey stood in front of me embarrassed.
“So,” I lowered my voice, “you took a pill, and now you guys have dicks?” It didn’t seem possible. How could you take a pill and get a penis? Nothing had ever worked that way before.
“Yes,” Linda said, “that’s about the size of it.”
I looked at Casey’s pants again and noticed the bulge had gotten slightly larger. I tingled all over. What neither of them knew, what I had never discussed with anyone before, was my predilection for cock.
It had started when I was young. Somehow, at a young age, I had learned that my pussy liked to be touched, but it liked to be filled, even more. As a teenager, I found all kinds of things to use as dildoes – candle sticks, vegetables; I could even cum working the edge of a desk in a pinch. But it wasn’t until high school that I really started to understand my devotion to the form.
I didn’t just like a good stiff cock, I didn’t just want it to fill and fuck me, I wanted to worship it. I loved everything about it, the shape, the feel, and its purpose. And I was devoted to pleasing them.
Looking back and forth between the two women in the room, I suddenly had a new, strange sense of purpose. I had always wondered what a woman would be like with a penis, what it would look like and how it would work, and now…I took a big swallow of Casey’s drink and smiled. “Well, why don’t you let me see them?” I glanced over at Linda.
The two exchanged glances and Casey’s cheeks went crimson. “You’re not afraid?”
“Afraid?” I took a step towards her and laid my palm against the bulge behind her zipper. “I’m not afraid, I’m excited.”
Casey leaned forward until her forehead touched mine. She looked relieved, like I had just removed a giant weight from her shoulders. “Oh my, God, Kate, you have no idea.”
I tilted my head and kissed her as I gripped the lengthening cock through her jeans. Her lips were soft and hesitant, but she gave into my advances and slipped an arm around my back to pull our bodies together.
“Oh,” I heard Linda unzip her jeans.
I kissed Casey for a few moments, and then dropped to my knees. I had to see the monster my fingers had been playing with through the thick denim. I unbuttoned the pants and slid the zipper down while Casey looked watched my every move.
My head was filled with questions. What is it going to look like? Do they still have vaginas? Do they work? Can they cum? Is it possible to ejaculate? I reached down into Casey’s jeans, wrapped my fingers around the log of hot flesh, and pulled it free.
It was more than I expected, more than I could have hoped for. Casey’s cock was huge, a solid ten or eleven inches and as thick as my wrist. I stared at throbbing tissue that looked exactly like any man’s penis but was two or three times the size. “Oh my God,” I whispered.
My chest ached with anticipation. I couldn’t believe what I was staring at. It was like I had stumbled onto the god of cocks and she was demanding my worship. I reached under the heft and ran my fingers along the puffy lips of Casey’s vagina.
Casey moaned and slowly lowered herself to the bed.
“I can’t believe it,” I wrapped my fingers around the base of it.
“Do you want me to leave?” Linda asked.
I turned to answer her and found her holding her own ten or twelve inches of rock hard cock. They’re both so beautiful, so amazing. My pussy contracted and little tingle washed across every nerve in my body.
“No,” I said, “you’re next.” I looked at Casey and slowly stroked my hand from the base of her cock to the tip. “Does it work?”
Her breath caught and she bit her lower lip. “Yes, oh God, yes, it works.”
I was thrilled. I stuck out my tongue and ran the tip from the base to the glans.
Casey moaned and a giant drop of clear liquid squeezed out of her turgid member.
I ran my finger through the goo and across the head before I pulled her forward and slipped her between my lips. I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t hold myself back. All I wanted was to please it, to worship its size and power.
The pre oozed covered my tongue in its salty sweetness and I swallowed more of her length and looked up.
Casey’s face was flushed with color and her eyes were squinted closed almost like she was in pain or doing her best not to cum in my mouth.
But that was my job, my goal. I stroked my fingers along the bottom of her dick faster as I bobbed my head along her length. I thought of her mother, Linda, sitting behind me watching me suck her daughters cock. My pussy was dripping wet, but it would have to wait.
I took my free hand and slid it under Casey’s cock and between the petals of her flower. She looked down at me, her lips slightly parted, her eyes glazed in ecstasy. “Yes,” she put her hand on the back of my head and pressed her cock deeper into my mouth.
The first orgasm crashed across me. I closed my eyes and buried Casey’s cock at the back of my throat as wave after wave of pleasure broke across me.
“No, no wait, I’m going to cum,” Casey tried to back away and pull her dick from my mouth, but I wouldn’t let go. I wanted it, I wanted her to let go in my mouth, I wanted to taste her pleasure, the essence of her cock and, with two fingers buried in her cunny and the tip of her dick nestled between my tonsils, Casey exploded.
Hot, salty cum gushed into my mouth faster than I could swallow and another orgasm overtook me.

I licked Casey clean like a kitten at a bowl of milk and smiled up at her.
“That was fucking amazing,” she panted.
I smiled and slipped my fingers, the two that had been inside her, between my lips before turning to her mother. “Now it’s your turn.”
Linda’s eyes went wide. “Are you serious?” Her cock was longer than Casey’s even and was standing proudly, had she tucked it under the purple blouse, it would have been visible between her tits poking out of her cleavage.
I crawled across the floor toward the monolith.
“You are amazing,” Linda sighed as I licked the length of her starting at the bottom and working my way to the tip slowly, first once, and then again and again. “I can’t believe…” she broke off I enveloped her with my mouth. “Ohhhh…” she leaned back in the chair.
I slipped free of her for a moment and looked over my shoulder. “What are you waiting for?”
Casey looked at me and then at my ass as I wiggled back and forth. “I get a turn too,” I said. “Fuck my brains out.”
She dropped to her knees, crawled over, and pulled my panties aside before sliding her tongue across my dripping snatch.
I moaned and sucked Linda back into my mouth.
Bliss overcame me as Casey’s cock spread my pussy wide and Linda made love to my mouth. I couldn’t believe the pleasure, the way my body seemed to glow as another orgasm sent starburst behind my eyes.
It was something, looking up and seeing Linda watch her daughter’s hips fuck me from behind. It only worked to excite me more, and I swallowed more of Linda’s length until she started to moan in earnest.
“Mom! Can I go over…?” The bedroom door opened and Casey’s little sister’s mouth fell open like she had seen a ghost.
None of us could stop. I glanced up and saw Linda’s eyes close as she bucked her cum into my eager mouth and her oldest daughter sprayed her sticky delight across my ass and back.

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