Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Working Under Ms. Stevenson

Working Under Ms. Stevenson

This story is one of the longest pieces of erotica I have ever written.  Clocking in at 9,990, this tale follows Amelie, a reoccurring character, as she starts a temporary assignment with a law firm.  It was interesting to actually write about Amelie in the third person, to take an objective look at
her rather than the first person view like her other stories.  With this style and approach, I was able to flesh her out and learn, not only what she has been doing, but how she thinks in a situation.    

Her boss in the story, Ms. Stevenson, is a partner at the law firm that is currently responsible for the largest case in the firm's history.  Although the story only briefly touches on the case itself, we learn that it involves a pharmaceutical company and the federal government, we know the case is tearing Ms. Stevenson's life apart and turning into one difficult person to deal with.  Everyone who meets Amelie on the first day wishes her luck.  

The story starts on Amelie's first day of the a two week assignment.  During that day, the story starts to hint at couple of different angles.  Not only do we get to hear about how Amelie handled her last boss when he was a little touchy-feely, but we learn that Ms. Stevenson is a dominant.  She demands complete obedience, and this evolves into the stories overall arc.  

On day two, we learn that there is chemistry between the two and that is also Amelie's  and Ms. Stevenson's first lesbian experience, which is always fun to write.
Amelie, kneeling on the floor with the paper in her hand, stared up at her boss.  She was still a little stunned by what was happening, but she liked it.  She liked the idea that Ms. Stevenson was getting turned on by her obedience.  She thought of all the men she had seduced, all the men she had pushed to the very edges of their limitations before giving them release, but this was somehow better, more sensual, more exciting.
It was the one thing on her list.  She had never been with another woman.  Her heart was racing.  She wondered what they would do, how Ms. Stevenson would handle her, what she would demand her to do.
Jane stared down at her and watched a little grin of recognition trace itself across her lips.  She was excited and scared at the same time.  She wanted the little assistant kneeling on the floor in the middle of her office more than she had ever wanted anyone.  She wanted to live all of the fantasies she had the night before.  It felt almost wrong, ordering the young woman to fulfill her sexual desires, but she didn’t care, she craved it, she needed it.  She blinked and tried to remain as composed as possible.  It was important to maintain control.
“What else?”  Amelie asked.  “What else do you want me to do?”
“Come here,” Jane said.

It is my first venture into light fetish, the master and servant, side of a sexual situation.  I was intrigued by the psychology behind the servant and the master relationship, especially between two characters that seemed to be exploring and trying to understand it as well.  

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Because I love you...here is another little tidbit.

Amelie stood facing Ms. Stevenson.  She pulled the elastic on her panties away from her skin and slowly shimmied out of the lace until it fell to her ankles and she kicked it away.  The room was cold but her skin was on fire.  She could feel herself getting wetter with every direction Ms. Stevenson gave.  If she had been at home, alone, she would have already buried three fingers in herself and fucked her hips against them until she went over the edge; but here, the delicious pressure just kept building.
“Are you wet?”
Jane’s question caught her by surprise but she answered quickly.  “Yes,” she whispered, her voice was throaty and dry.
“Show me,” Jane said.
Amelie’s hand slipped between her legs and her breath caught in her throat just from the touch.  She closed her eyes and felt the orgasm get closer.  She laid her fingers on her muff and slowly pealed her lips open for Ms. Stevenson to see.

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