Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Katie and Max are at it again...

Do to the number of requests I received for another Max and Katie story, I started working on the next chapter in their sordid adventures.  This one picks up exactly where the last one left off - Max just finished off Katie with her nine inch vibrator named Tom.

Here's a tidbit of the next story, just a teaser, let me know if you think I am heading in the right direction.

Dave watched Katie spread Max’s pussy wide in front of the camera and couldn’t help but slide his hand up the length of himself.  Max’s pussy was hairless, pink, and glistening.  His cock pulsed and twitched as he imagining slowly sliding it into her.    “You like that, don’t you Dave?” Katie said, watching Dave start to slowly rub himself.  “You like Max’s pussy?”Dave nodded on screen, his hand moving up and down while his eyes stayed glued on the two.“You like it when I play with other girls.”  She moved her fingers around Max’s juicy muff, rubbing Max’s little swollen clit and watching as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pulsations of pleasure.  “You know what I was doing when you called, Dave?”  Katie watched as he shook his head without saying a word, without even blinking.  It was like he was hypnotized, his hand slowly moving up and down his cock, his eyes glued to Max’s spread legs.  

If you read the last story, which I hope you did, you know where Dave come's into the story.  This one is hotter than I thought it was going to be, took a few extra days to work everything the way I wanted to, but I really wanted to focus on the turn-on in this story.  I really wanted Katie to show Dave what she was becoming, who she really was; and it was fun to throw Max into the mix - she's such a little minx.

Let me know what you think I will post back once the editing is done and I can put it out there for you all.

There are posts here on the blog for the original story and you can grab it at Amazon here:  Max and Katie Meet Tom

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