Monday, July 9, 2012

Max and Katie Meet Tom

Max and Katie Meet Tom

As most of you probably know, Max and Katie are two of my favorite characters.  They are college roommates in my little fantasy world and they show up in more than a couple stories.  They are young, pretty, and sexually adventurous - all qualities that make them fun to write.  In this one I used a 3rd person narrator because I wanted the reader to get the entire scene, see it from all angles, and watch both girls take each other apart.

This is Katie's first time with a dildo, Tom who actually belongs to Max.  And it's Max's first time with another woman.  It's a pretty hot story, there isn't much setup; it just jumps right into the action.  I thought a lot about my first experience with another woman, the way it felt to be kissed and touched; the way it felt like I was breaking some forbidden law of nature even though I knew I wasn't.  It's different the way a woman touches another woman, very different from the way a man does.  I tried to capture that difference in the story.  Here's a little tidbit somewhere around the middle of the story.
Max watched as Katie’s body started to react to the multi-directional gyrations deep inside her love canal.  She turned him up a click and held on as Tom worked his magic in her wet darkness.  She thought back on all the times she had spread her legs for him.  The times she would sit and slide him into her doggie style while he gyrated, burrowing into her, finding that spot that put lightning behind her eyes and made her muscles quiver.  She held on as Katie fucked herself gently and remembered how big it felt the first time, the way it stretched her dripping hole, filled her tighter than any man had ever done.
Like I said, the story doesn't really cut any corners, it's an in your face erotic sex story that leaves both characters (and hopefully the reader) breathing hard and sweating.  If you are interested in reading it, just click on the link at the top of the post.  Feel free to post comments on Amazon, drop me an email, Tweet me, or find me on Facebook - all the usual ways.  I am anxious to hear what you think.

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